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Research on vitamins, supplements can be dizzying

Some supplements can even harm you, especially if taken in large quantities or if mixed with prescription drugs.

Here are answers to some common questions about supplements.

Will vitamins and other supplements make me healthier?

There’s not complete agreement on this. A 2013 editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine written by five physicians said, “Most supplements do not prevent chronic disease or death, their use is not justified, and they should be avoided.”

Yet Carol Haggans, an expert on vitamins and a consultant to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplements, said that “if you are not getting enough of a particular nutrient from your diet for whatever reason … and you’re at risk of a deficiency or even a marginal intake, then supplements can certainly help fill those gaps.”

Why do doctors disagree on whether certain vitamins and supplements are advisable?

What is the best multivitamin for a 17 year old girl on birth control?

I have multivitamins but I don't think they are very good. I have been getting sick very easily. Also, it isn't helping with my hair's health. I want a multivitamin that keeps me and my hair healthy. Does anyone know of any good multivitamins?

Check out AlternaVites. They are an excellent multi-vitamin company. I have been using them for some time now, and I would highly recommend them. I'll add their link below, hope that helps.

any multi with iron. it sounds like you,ve been dieting. these are symptoms of extreme dieting. all vitamins work. they can,t compensate for poor eating habits over a long time period.

I think Usana has the best multivitamins. You can even take a health assessment and a particular mis of vitamins can be put together based on your specific needs and issues. This is put together in what they call MyHealthPak. You get sent a month's supply.

What is the best multivitamin for a 25 year old male?

just looking for a good multivitamin with the appropriate amounts and types of vitamins that fit my age. Any information on body "detoxification" would also be a plus. Trying to flush myself out and get healthy.

I would completely suggest nutrilite vitamins. There are only available online, but you can email me for the information if you want. They are made from whole plant concentrates, many of the supplements contain a wide variety of phytonutrients as well.

Usana has a great mix of multivitamins for both MALES and females. You can even search for vitamins specifically geared towards males on their website. I have been using them for about 4 months now and I feel so much better than I have in years past.