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Are Some People Overdosing on Vitamin D?

Who has not had their serum vitamin D levels tested at some time in the last 10 years?

Some say vitamin D is the new vitamin C, at least for those of us in the rheumatology community:  deficiency in vitamin D has been implicated in poor joint health , muscle weakness, and chronic pain .  Vitamin supplements aplenty are available, and poised to cure so many of the ailments that make life a little more miserable than it really should be.

The vast majority of us who have been tested display normal or deficient levels of vitamin D.  But should we worry about toxicity? 

An analysis, the results of which were published earlier this year in the journal, “Laboratory Medicine,” set out to examine whether symptomatic vitamin D toxicity is a common phenomenon. 

Vitamin D toxicity has been reported in a variety of age groups and from multiple causes, including errors in manufacturing, errors in milk fortification, incorrect dosing from liquid preparations, and intentional (although with no intent to harm) ingestion of megadoses of vitamin D supplements (apparently a result of thinking that something so good can never be too much). Among these causes, the most harmful appears to be sustained ingestion of megadoses (for example, 50,000 IU) and incorrect dosing of supplements in children. The researchers performed a review of the medical records of patients with elevated vitamin D levels during a 16-year period at an academic medical center, in an effort to describe the causes of hypervitaminosis D and the extent to which vitamin D levels correlate with serum calcium levels and clinical symptoms. 

What can I do to get more luster in my skin?

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Distilled aloe vera... drink it, and CO Q-10.

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Are you sure you're 18? You must be 70 years old...mistake on your birth certificate

Hi! ur experiencing baldness because the shedding period of your hair is more than their growing period.don't use any chemical products.use tugain gel or solution on your hair which is a medicated can also use shahnaz hussain shatone.