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    Magnetic Putty Unicorn Poop Stress Relief Kit - Funny Gift for Adults and Kids | Magnetic Unicorn Poop with Magnet | Cute Jumbo Pink Unicorn Squishy Slow Rising | Silly Therapy Office Desk Toy
    Toy (Jitter Glitter)

    Jitter Glitter

    Price: $22.97

    • THE SWEETEST, SOFTEST, SLOW RISING, JUMBO PINK SQUISHY UNICORN! Unicorns are soft and squishy! They have to be, otherwise how could they cope with YOUR stress. This little friend even smells nice! So go ahead... cuddle him until he deflates and then watch as he slowly, slowly rises back to his original state, ready for the next time.
    • EXCITING NEW UNICORN KIT - 2 of your favorite stress buster unicorn essentials in one presentation set! Includes your very own Funny Unicorn Squishy plus Magnetic Unicorn Poop with magnet in a tin and "A Unicorn's Tale" Card all in a drawstring gift bag!
    • "THE UNICORNS MADE ME DO IT" - 7 x 10 inch drawstring bag. Not just for carrying around your unicorn poop! Use it for travel, accessories, makeup, socks!. We use it for our doggy waste bags. This is a funny gift for girls or boys.
    • SILLY GIFT for kids 8+ or adults who are completely stressed out and need to work their frustrations out on something soft and delicate - or for the person who has everything! BUY NOW and make someone smile today. This is a NO-RISK purchase. In the event you are unhappy in any way, return within 30 days for a 100% refund.
    • UNICORN POOP (IT'S NOT SLIME) MAGNETIC PUTTY! Just when you thought that Unicorns had given us everything we need from unicorn farts to unicorn toys and beautiful rainbows, let us introduce you to the latest unicorn stuff. Unicorn poop IS magnetic! It doesn't dry out, has no chemical smells and is even ASTM certified!

    Spa Gift Basket, Spa Basket with Lavender Fragrance, Lilac color by Lovestee - Bath and Body Gift Set, Includes Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Lotion, Bath Salt, Flower Bath-Body Sponge and EVA Sponge
    Beauty (Lovestee)


    List Price: $26.99
    Price: $26.99

    • •►THE GIFT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR- Treat your beloved one with our High End Spa Gift Basket that instills comfort, warmth and serenity. Spark memories and create fun festive feelings of wonderment and merriment. Our Lavender Spa Basket is the perfect gift for Birthday, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Thank You, or for no reason at all. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they continue to use and enjoy this hand crafted spa basket.
    • •►SUPERIOR TROPICAL LAVENDER IS THE SHOW-STOPPING NOTE IN THIS INCREDIBLY LUXURIOUS SCENT. Sultry woods and rich lavender accords help to bring out the skin's natural scent and the art-deco inspired bottle adds to the fragrance's overall glamour. While our lavender body lotion is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, leaving your skin soft and silky. Lovestee's Spa Gift Basket contains good scents that effectively turn your bathroom into a home spa.
    • •► THE IDEAL HOLIDAY GIFT YOUR BELOVED ONES WILL THANK YOU FOR! DRESS TO IMPRESS! This Relaxing Lavender Spa Gift Basket includes 6 Fragrance favorites. 1 Exotic shower gel 210 ml, 1 Luxury Hand Lotion 95 ml, 1 Sensual Body Lotion 210ml, 1 bath salt 10.6 oz., bath puff and a Eva Sponge.
    • •►LOVESTEE'S BATH AND BODY LINE IS MADE WITH A TOP QUALITY BLEND SELECTED TO CONTRIBUTE BOTH, HEALTH AND BEAUTY. - Start your day right with the delight body gel and bubble bath that will keep you feeling uplifted and perfumed all day! Our Bath salt Soothes and comforts your body, stimulating your senses and brings balance to your moods.

MassageLuXe is a Franchise You Can Believe In With a Territory Size That ...

Manipulate is implemented for stress reduction, relaxation, sport injuries, pain relief, complementary remedy, medical treatments, and as part of a holistic wellness lifestyle. Massage psychotherapy is also becoming common in hospitals, with the number of

Do You Know These Common Headache Types?

Do You Know These Common Headache Types? With these, you verge to feel a lot of pain in the head and you happily swallow a pill that is in your medi kit and take a nap. But have you wondered what epitome of headache you suffer from or whether the medication that you are going for is right to cope

Art in the Workplace program launched in Fort Lauderdale

Art in the Workplace program launched in Fort Lauderdale It's a big stress relief for that lunch hour or half hour … where you're not talking about topic; you're getting to know the people you work with." BGT, an online interactive marketing retinue, will host an Art in the Workplace event this month at

Is life making you ill?

What to do: “You can beat sides of the head when taking a long call and use a hands-free kit or spieler phone to keep the phone at a distance from your head,” says Albrecht. And when you get household, ban your cellphone. “Give yourself a cut-off time,

Local non-profit provides comfort to families affected by Kilauea eruption

HNN Intern

HAWAII ISLAND (Hawaii News Now) — Child & Family Service, a non-profit organization in Hawaii, is hoping to provide emotional comfort to those affected by the ongoing Kilauea eruption. 

The organization is doing this through what's called the Ohana Kit.

This backpack volcano resource and relief kit contains stress-reducing items such as coloring books, journals and stuffed animals. It also includes a resource guide with techniques on how to improve physical and mental health and managing stress during a crisis. 

Karen Tan, president and CEO of Child & Family Service, said, “We wanted to create something for those families to bring hope to them.” She also added that “knowing what you can handle, and when to ask for help, are important to recovery.”

The Ohana Kits will be distributed to families in East Hawaii Island this month.  

If you would like to donate to Child & Family Service, click here .

Any good ideas for a stress relief kit/present for my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend have both got exams soon, and he's stressed and tired and generally not feeling as happy, so I want to lift his spirits abit by getting him a few little gifts to relieve his stress. He likes baths, so I was thinking something bath

hmmmm .

The answer seems to be leaping off the screen but might be reported if written down

Start with the bath-related idea ...

Is this a good little poem for a stress-relief gift?

Giving a secret santa gift thats like a stress-relief kit since finals are coming up. I want to put something cute on the card like:

To relieve the stress
Of taking final tests
Here’s a little something nice
To add

When you're stressed beyond belief,
Don't panic you now have relief,
Final exams will be a breeze,
As you realize it's just a tease,
When you open this package nothing you will phase,
When you open your marks they will

When you're stressed beyond belief,
Don't panic you now have relief,
Final exams will be a breeze,
As you realize it's just a tease,
When you open this package nothing you will phase,
When you open your marks they will