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Recommending Prenatal Vitamins: A Pharmacist's Guide

Assessment considerations Calcium is low when compared to the FDA and ACOG recommendations. It contains only 150 mg of calcium, whereas the recommended dosage is approximately 1,000 mg (ACOG) - 1,500 mg (WHO). Low calcium is common in a variety of prenatal supplements, thus, additional calcium supplementation is necessary to meet the recommended dose if this product is used. The prenatal multivitamin contains 800 mcg of folic acid which is equivalent to the FDA's suggestion. ACOG, CDC, and WHO indicate that 400 mcg of Folic Acid should be consumed during pregnancy. Regarding the iodine dosage, CDC and ACOG recommend between 200 and 220 mcg of iodine per day for women during pregnancy. The iodine dose of 150 mcg in the example supplement does not fall in the range of recommended iodine intake. It may be beneficial to obtain additional iodine through diet. In addition, a prenatal with higher dosage of Vitamin A may be of benefit as the example supplement only contains

I know that certain vitamins and minerals are good for your hair.?

Do you think it will benefit my hair if I crush some multivitamins and put it in water, then spray it on my hair? Before someone says something smart, yes I know that I must ingest the vitamin as well, I was just thinking of trying something different.

once your hair leaves your scalp, it is completely dead. You can spray whatever you want on it, but the dead cells aren't going to have the ability to cling on to any of it.

It depends on what you want your hair to do. For example if you want it to grow. But crushing the vitamins idea wouldn't be good because your hair won't ingest them properly they have to put other things in it for it to ingest properly. That's why there's

My hair has just stopped growing what am I doing wrong?

Ok I used to trim my hair once a month to remove all the dead ends now they are mostly removed I only trim probably once every two months I co wash mostly as I see it beneficial I also talk a multivitamin I like to spray in leave in conditioners or liquid

First of all how long is your have if it is longer than your shoulders than you just have to put hair oil or olive oil believe me I tryed it it really worked my hair is all the way to my butt i swear

No it hasn't . Proteins? What he hell have they to do with anything? Just wash your hair. All the rest is a con.