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what multivitamin should i take

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Trying To Get Pregnant?

Trying To Get Pregnant? In good foods, such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, are the best sources of vitamins and minerals. But because it is sometimes knotty to get all the nutrients we need from foods, all adults should take one multivitamin per day.

Why children need a multivitamin

Growing bodies want carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals to develop correctly. However, many American children do not take in the own requirements. When a child sees there is a choice between a convenient sugary donut versus a pan of

Are those vitamins doing more harm than good?

Are those vitamins doing more harm than good? Brent Bauer, head of the complementary and integrative medicine program at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., said in an e-post that the debate largely misses the point that most people don't necessity to take vitamins and should instead focus on

Parents: Quit giving kids health problems

Parents: Quit giving kids health problems Give them a multi-vitamin, vitamin D, and then eat five or more servings of fruits or vegetables each day in their phlegm. Frozen fruits, vegetables and real smoothies without dairy and sugar figure on too. Kids should take an appropriate daily

Case Studies (August 2017)

CASE 1: The CDC recommends that any close contacts—which include household members, day care center contacts, and anyone directly exposed to the patient’s respiratory secretions—should be treated with antimicrobial chemoprophylaxis. Currently, there are 3 recommended antibiotics: rifampin, ciproflox acin, and ceftriaxone. In JM’s case, ciprofloxacin would be the best therapy, as rifampin can reduce the effectiveness of her oral conceptive and ceftriaxone is available only as an infection, which is forbidden by her religion. Ciprofloxacin is given as a single 500 mg dose. JM should use sunscreen and avoid tanning beds or excessive sunlight while taking ciprofloxacin, as this medication can cause phototoxicity. JM should separate this medication with her multivitamin and any dairy products by at least 2 hours. Finally, JM should be informed that she may feel lightheaded or dizzy and should avoid activities requiring coordination until the drug effects are

What Type Of Multivitamin Should I Take?

Hey, I am a 13 year old male, and am wondering what type, if any, multivitamin I should take.
I am hoping to grow taller, and I eat a healthy diet, but I still think I should be taking a multivitamin.
Any suggestions?


Unfortunately a multivitamin will not make you grow taller. If you are only 13 then you will still have a growth spurt coming usually around 15 - 16 years.

As far as whether to take or not -- if you indeed have a healthy diet then you

Unfortunately a multivitamin will not make you grow taller. If you are only 13 then you will still have a growth spurt coming usually around 15 - 16 years.

As far as whether to take or not -- if you indeed have a healthy diet then you

If you just eat healthy, you do not need multivitamin. you'll get everything vitamin and minerals from the food. In growing you really cant control it because it is already written in you DNA. Just drink milk too.

What multivitamin should I take?

I'm a 21 year male old college student. 5'8 180, which is overweight, but I'm not "fat." I'm occasionally active but spend a lot of time studying and school work and such. Naturally, as a college student, I don't eat the best. Lots of microwave

Forget the multi-vitamin, go for a whole food supplement that has probiotics in it. It will give your body everything it needs.