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Britvic to reposition its Purdey's beverage line with new campaign

Britvic will revamp its Purdey’s multivitamin juice drink to target consumers who are moving away from traditional energy drinks to avoid the high sugar and caffeine content.

The new brand descriptor, rolling out on packs now, will see the brand repositioned from ‘multivitamin fruit drink’ to ‘multivitamin energy’.

Explicitly calling out ‘energy’ on pack aims to resonate more clearly with existing consumers and stockists, as well as bringing new consumers into the healthier energy category. 

Britvic GB marketing director Kevin McNair believes that the need for energy in soft drinks is important and continues to grow.

“Many consumers are moving away from traditional soft drinks and opting for other soft drinks, like Purdey’s, to meet their energy needs,” he said.

To support the change and reinforce Purdey’s new brand positioning, Britvic is running an outdoor campaign in the UK until September across major cities including London, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham. 

Is it ok to drink Multivitamin juice after vomiting?

Well yesterday I got some kind of virus (vomiting and diarrhea) And I have been running to the bathroom the whole night. But I am scared to vomit again. Can I drink Multivitamin juice (no sugar)? Or will I vomit again?

Yes you need to keep liquids in your system, Avoid Milk and dairy product.

Try not to eat if you're starving have some soup if the symptoms don't stop within 3 days visit your G.P

Hope this helps

Drink less fruit juice, it does a body good.

Is it safe to drink a multivitamin after consuming a lot of alcohol?

I'm a little drunk after a heavy night of drinking, I'm about to fall asleep and I decide its a good idea to take the multivitamin my mom always begs me to take, when normally I dont take it. Is it okay that I did this? I just drank a ton tonight... I

You will probably not experience any problem combining the multivitamin with alcohol. Whether you can metabolize it, I wouldn't be able to begin to say - I'm not a doctor, so the sequence various substances are metabolized in is a bit fuzzy for me.

I don't think it is harmful since it's just vitamins but since you usually don't take it, I suggest you just pass on taking it right now.