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    Puritan's Pride Zinc for Acne-100 Tablets
    Health and Beauty (Puritan's Pride)

    Puritan's Pride

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    Rainbow Light - Active Health Teen Multivitamin with DermaComplex - Provides Vitamins and Nutrients; Supports Nutrition, Natural Energy, Mood, Brain Health, and Immune System in Teens - 90 Tablets
    Health and Beauty (Rainbow Light)

    Rainbow Light

    Price: $26.01

    • SKIN HEALTH: Promotes clear skin from the inside out
    • ALLERGY-FRIENDLY: Contains NO gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish or shellfish.
    • TARGETED NUTRIENTS: Targeted nutrients to meet the unique needs of growing teenagers
    • NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT: Helps fill nutrient gaps
    • DIGESTIVE AND ENERGY SUPPORT: Enhances digestion and supports natural energy, immune health, brain health, and mood

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Lee prefers her clients get their nutrition from foods rather than supplements ("I in reality encourage the fruits and vegetables"), but she says if they propose, they can take a multivitamin and/or fish oil. "Make sure you get concentrated doses of DHA and

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Best multivitamin for acne?

Does anyone know what the best multivitamin would be for acne prone skin?
I've been doing some research on it, and i've read that there are some multivitamins that make people break out even more than they normally would...

not very sure about a multivitamin, but i know some ppl find taking supplements of zinc, biotin, B vitamins, and fish oil help decrease oil production and less acne..

Why Is It That Sense I Been Taking Multivitamins My Acne Has Totally Cleared Up?

I've had acne for years and sense i started taking my multivitamins, it just totally cleared up.

I think using Clearpores and other surface treatment work temporarily. I used to have a lot of acne just like you (all over my body, not just my face) but I find that rubbing all those lotions and cleansers is too much trouble.


well in some multi vitamin says it helps take careof the that could be part of it.......

well usually acne start to clear up a lone without doing anything in most people as they grow up and their hormone levels settle down , i am not sure exactly why but maybe this article helps u 3/hormonal-inuen