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    Virtual Bubble Wrap
    Mobile Application (joy)


    Price: $0.00

    • Virtual Bubble wrap is a small game fun for all ages! Pop the virtual bubbles as fast as you can. Simple but addictive app well known for it's calming and chilling effects.
    • Do you like Bubble Wrap? Let's popping plastic bubble wrap only virtually on your Android phone.
    • Enjoy the time of stress relief while you pop an infinite number of bubbles.

    Instant Calm 6-in-1 Complete: games (relaxing) , rain anti-stress therapy, instant calm music & images, guided relaxation and meditation.Be more relaxed ,self assured, cool and collected .Calm down,keep stress levels low! Also good if shy / introvert
    Mobile Application (Andrei Cristian's apps)

    Andrei Cristian's apps

    Price: $0.00

    • 4 logic/puzzle games designed to quickly take off your mind from worries and stress and quickly achieve a state of calmness
    • 3 easy guided meditation sessions using 3 different relaxation approaches
    • instant calm images: 30 high quality, specially selected images for inducing a state of calm in seconds
    • rain therapy for quick relaxation and sleep: just watch, listen and unwind... (for best results lower volume)
    • 3 handy , easy, high quality guided relaxation techniques using 3 different approaches
    • 3 quickly calming, specially selected instrumental tracks / tunes

iDestroy™ – wicked sick stress relief with lots of Stark Apps GmbH

iDestroy™ – black-hearted sick stress relief with lots of guns Stark Apps GmbH Fashion: Games Release Date: December 17, 2011 This great app is brought to you by Download FreeAppParty app to get more cool Self-governing apps and… Add your comment

Stress relief for MSU: Beavers finish 2011 with win

Minot Land women's basketball coach Sheila Green Gerding said her collaborate was frustrated after losing two of three games during a weekend trip to Montana. There's nothing like a 22-aspect win in an up-and-down game for a little catharsis.

Some of the Thoughts That Run Through an Oversized, Bald Head

(D) JS: Practised was decent, started two games. (C) JE: Signed with the intention that he would start, Dockery was injured in his first unflinching, and couldn't wrestle the starting left guard job away from Holland. (D+) JS: Cannot stress enough how well he

Paul Suellentrop's MVC report (Jan. 12)

Four teams, however, flirt two road games – Northern Iowa, Evansville, Southern Illinois and Illinois Allege. That, at least, is some relief to Bradley coach Geno Ford. The Braves are the only team that plays its first two on the avenue.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1+2 Review – Like a Rolling Stone

Contains what you’re used to in a retro game collection. The graphics have been filtered and/or upscaled to look good in HD. This is especially noticeable in the SNES entries, but even the PS and PS2 entries are noticeably better looking on a flatscreen than they usually would be. This is a godsend for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with emulators to get decent visuals.

The collection also contains a Museum with a ton of character design artwork, toy galleries, trading card galleries, and more. You can also check out the music for each game with a music player. One thing that is missing, though, which is especially noticeable concerning the PS and PS2 games, is a cutscene viewer. There’s some pretty cool anime-style animation included in some of the games that would have been neat to watch on demand.

Both collections also contain a new X Challenge mode where you can take on two Mavericks at the same time. There’s also a mode for each game that dramatically reduces the difficulty for those who are new to the series or longtime fans that just want to have a quick run through without any stress.

Stress Relief Games?

Does anyone know any good online stress relief games? Here are a couple I like: and _insurance_88.htm

Games like that. The best answer will go to whoever provides a link

I liked you link.

You know what I do to get rid of stress. I play party poker. Try it, you will have a ball and release stress at the same time. AND its free.

just have sex

Games like Halo a stress relief?

Do games like in PS2 or Xbox or any kind of games that are teen rated and such, even in online gaming communities like WoW etc... Do they give more stress because you want to finish levels and such and your just sitting infront of a screen? or do games

I think they give you more stress, because people swear and get mad when levels arn't beaten, plus they waste money on them for the sequels

I find that shooting games relieve my stress.

doesnt give me stress.. i like beatin the shit outta people when im playin especially in halo