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multivitamin juice

Is it okay to take my multivitamin with milk or juice or should it always be taken with water?

I've heard you should always take multivitamins (and most pills in general) with water. I usually take my multivitamin with milk or juice or whatever else I happen to be drinking at the moment (but NOT coffee or alcohol). Is there anything wrong with

You can take them with anything you want except alcohol. Just be sure to drink a full glass of liquid when you take your pills so they get well absorbed.

OK to take with milk or juice but not grapefruit juice. Grapfruit juice is too acid and cause the vitamins (or a medication) to dissolve to quickly into your bloodstream and may effectievly overdose you.

I think it's best to take vitamins

Is it okay to drink multivitamin juice from lidl?

Hahaha, yes!