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    Kirkland Signature

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    Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals 500 Tablets Kirkland Signature™
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LTS Nutraceuticals Releases Updated Corporate Profile (LTSN)

The supplements file a daily liquid multivitamin mineral and herbal supplement and a liquid Vitamin D3 Booster. Pester the supplements are made with All Natural Patented Nanotechnology™, The Symbiotic Intake™ and Symbiotic Accelerator to assist in

I took multivitamins every day for a decade. Then I found out they're useless.

Save for a few lapses in my irresponsible college days, I've popped a multivitamin every single day since middle school.

First it was the chalky multivitamins that left a lump in my throat for minutes after I'd gulped one down. Then it was the slightly grainy, massive pills that my mom bought in bulk at Costco. (They were technically for post-menopausal women, but my mother assured me they would be just fine for my 17-year-old self.) Then last year, tired of big, bad-tasting pills, I bought gummy vitamins. Who doesn't like noshing on some candy that holds the promise of great health?

Well, last week I threw my vitamins away. I'll miss that sugary, fruity taste — but, according to my doctor, that's about all I'll be missing.

At my appointment last Wednesday, my doctor bluntly informed me that my multivitamins weren't doing a darn thing for me. Though the idea of getting just a little bit more of all the most important vitamins may seem like a foolproof idea, she informed me that more isn't necessarily better. Few people have vitamin deficiencies. Moreover, for those who do have a deficiency in, say, Vitamin D or Vitamin B12, those little grape-shaped gummies — or any multivitamin, for that matter — don't pack anywhere near enough of any one vitamin to correct that deficiency, she explained.

Does Costco allow multivitamin to be return?

It's opened and I took only one. Would Costco allow this to be returned?

Yes you may return it. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning that if you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

Here is how to go about the return:
1.Take the container to your nearest Costco (it does not

Yes, they have return policy. You may need a good explanation to why you want to return it.

this site is so funny. is this a place to ask that and get an accurate answer?

what is the best multivitamin? are they all the same?

I am 30 years old and very active and healthy. But I feel very low on energy. What supplements will help me? Also, I have been taking a multivitamin from costco...are they all about the same or should I go to vitamin shop or gnc?

Costco has good vitamins. You might want to take an extra vitamin B6 or B12. They're good for raising your energy level. Buy some frozen fruit and make a fruit smoothie...that always gives me energy.

avoid the supplements & change your diet. avoid processed foods & cow's milk products. get more rest, drink more water, exercise daily, and see your doctor to rule out a medical cause.

honestly you would think they would all be the same but i can seriously say that GNC has awesome vitamins. they are more expensive though- but worth it. I feel great when i take their women's multi vitamin. Vitamin B12 is really good if you are lacking