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Luckily my doctor is melodic open-minded and didn't try to talk me out of being a vegetarian/sometimes vegan. I did, however, start on a new multi-vitamin that had weighty amounts of both B12 and Iron. And you know what? I began to feel better within a few

So, for those prospering in this direction, plus, of course, vegetarians (emphasis on plant-based foods) and vegans (truly no animal products), supplementing with vitamin B12 can help avoid a deficiency. Many medications have an unwanted side conclusion of

Curl up tells me via e-mail, “People who are vitamin or mineral imperfect or who eat vegan diets need supplements and benefit from them.” But for the rest of us, she'd rather we didn't nibble any horse pills. Asked about the multivitamin and vitamin E

Namun ada beberapa keadaan yang memerlukan pemberian suplemen multivitamin, misalnya: kehamilan kembar, defisiensi zat besi, bumil malnutrisi, bumil gizi buruk, bumil vegan (hanya makan dan minum produk nabati), bumil perokok aktif maupun pasif,

Vegan diet helpful to students' bodies, minds, and wallets

Most Americans are far removed from the sources of our animal products. Unless you hunt your own food, it is unlikely that you’ve seen where the animal products you eat came from. For those of us with weak stomachs — and loud consciences — that is a good thing.

According to the ASPCA, more than 99 percent of America’s farm animals are raised on factory farms. Factory farmers focus on mass producing animals and usually care more about efficiency and profit than the well-being of the animals they raise. This leads to horrific situations in which animals are caged in pens so small they cannot turn around. In other cases, animals are slaughtered, boiled or skinned while still conscious.

Factory farms are terrible for people and for the environment. Livestock and poultry consume approximately 80 percent of the nation’s antibiotics, contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria and making human illnesses more difficult to treat. The Natural Resources Defense Council states that a single livestock farm can produce as much waste as a small city.

10 Rebuttals Every Vegan Should Know

There is no denying that being vegan has some truly positive effects. A vegan diet is clearly better for the animals, it is healthier for the environment , and it has proven to be amazing for the human body . With veganism sounding so marvelous, you would think that everyone would be intrigued by it. However, there are people out there who are not aware of the details and think that vegans are lacking from this lifestyle.

Naysayers will naysay. If you are a plant-based living person or just trying out the lifestyle for Veganuary , I’m sure you are familiar with the objection that you can sometimes get from those around you. People will ask you all sorts of questions from “where do you get your protein?” to “how will you keep your pants up without a leather belt,” and everything in between.

To you, these inquiries may sound ridiculous, and the answer seems apparent, but people who don’t know about a vegan lifestyle may simply want to be informed. Your responses and rebuttals are key to the way that vegans are perceived. It is easy to get in a huff about things, but it is important to also lead by example.

What is the best vegetarian/vegan multivitamin?

I used to take the Deva multivitamin, but I was getting way too much B12 so my doctor told me not to take it.
What are some good vegan multivitamins?

And I'm 15, so I don't need a child's one or anything.

If you are on an healthy, well balanced veggie diet then you should not need to take supplements. I have been veggie 25 years and have never taken pills. Check with your docter to see if you are deficient in any nutrient and then eat the foods that contain

If you are on an healthy, well balanced veggie diet then you should not need to take supplements. I have been veggie 25 years and have never taken pills. Check with your docter to see if you are deficient in any nutrient and then eat the foods that contain

Do check out Xtend Life manufactured in New Zealand, they have been researching and manufacturing their own supplements for the last decade.

where can you buy a good vegan multivitamin?

what's the best all purpose vitamin for vegans. it should include.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
and iron.

In most health food stores in the area where you live.

the best way to get one is that u buy it online, very convenient, i have several favorite online stores,maybe the best is, u can check out the site, theres one brand that is very good and inexpensive, Deva, Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

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