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Luckily my doctor is melodic open-minded and didn't try to talk me out of being a vegetarian/sometimes vegan. I did, however, start on a new multi-vitamin that had weighty amounts of both B12 and Iron. And you know what? I began to feel better within a few

So, for those prospering in this direction, plus, of course, vegetarians (emphasis on plant-based foods) and vegans (truly no animal products), supplementing with vitamin B12 can help avoid a deficiency. Many medications have an unwanted side conclusion of

Curl up tells me via e-mail, “People who are vitamin or mineral imperfect or who eat vegan diets need supplements and benefit from them.” But for the rest of us, she'd rather we didn't nibble any horse pills. Asked about the multivitamin and vitamin E

Namun ada beberapa keadaan yang memerlukan pemberian suplemen multivitamin, misalnya: kehamilan kembar, defisiensi zat besi, bumil malnutrisi, bumil gizi buruk, bumil vegan (hanya makan dan minum produk nabati), bumil perokok aktif maupun pasif,

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Some parents choose to raw food diets for their children

(NPN/RNN) - Have you ever considered a raw food diet? One that consists entirely of uncooked food?

Experts say there is no universal definition for a raw food diet, but in general the idea is that cooking food above a certain temperature breaks down the key nutrients and enzymes. Many raw diets focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

It may sound tough for an adult to stick to, but some parents are encouraging their growing children to eat this way.

Is this emphasis on raw food for kids healthy? Or cause for concern?

Smoothies, salads and raw "spaghetti" are staples in the Khan household where every meal is vegan, and most are uncooked.

"We actually started our journey one step at a time, eliminating everything from the food coloring to the processed foods so that we actually, you know got to the point where we were eating a very high raw diet," said Ramon Khan.

Ramon and Vanessa Khan, along with their kids Raheem and Aliya, have been eating almost entirely raw for two years.

What is the best vegetarian/vegan multivitamin?

I used to take the Deva multivitamin, but I was getting way too much B12 so my doctor told me not to take it.
What are some good vegan multivitamins?

And I'm 15, so I don't need a child's one or anything.

If you are on an healthy, well balanced veggie diet then you should not need to take supplements. I have been veggie 25 years and have never taken pills. Check with your docter to see if you are deficient in any nutrient and then eat the foods that contain

If you are on an healthy, well balanced veggie diet then you should not need to take supplements. I have been veggie 25 years and have never taken pills. Check with your docter to see if you are deficient in any nutrient and then eat the foods that contain

Do check out Xtend Life manufactured in New Zealand, they have been researching and manufacturing their own supplements for the last decade.

where can you buy a good vegan multivitamin?

what's the best all purpose vitamin for vegans. it should include.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
and iron.

In most health food stores in the area where you live.

the best way to get one is that u buy it online, very convenient, i have several favorite online stores,maybe the best is, u can check out the site, theres one brand that is very good and inexpensive, Deva, Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement

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