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Flagyl, alcohol and its abuse

The antibiotic, Flagyl, is perhaps one of the best known medicines in Nigeria. People use it for all sorts of things: when they have diarrhea, they use Flagyl. When they have features of indigestion, they use Flagyl. When they suffer from vaginal itching, Flagyl is their drug of choice. Worse still, when they find a child who has rectal prolapse or has intussusception, a sure killer of children who do not have surgical relief, Flagyl is also used. People have often said that they use it also for prevention of sexually transmitted infections. That is most curious because when a “good” infection strikes, this particular medication will be powerless to prevent it. Now, Flagyl is the most well known trade name for the compound Metronidazole, an antibiotic which belongs to the class of drugs known as Nitroimidazoles. In this essay today, like we have done before for medicines like Paracetamol and Amlodipine on this page, we shall examine the legitimate uses of Flagyl and the side effects it can cause.

Is masturbation cream harmful when you apply it?

Since I have never heard of masturbation cream, I can't say if it is harmful or not. Is it anything like whipped cream?

just do natural way


Does applying lotion or cream to the penis make masturbation more pleasurable?

I think stuff that makes it slide easier may help

Depends whose penis it is.

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