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Archdiocese settles case alleging deacon sexually assaulted child in 80s

That Deacon was George Brignac.

"Michael's mother had to work a lot. His father was an alcoholic. So, the deacon offered to take Michael home from school," Stetter said.

According to the lawsuit, filed four months ago, Brignac would stop at stores and buy Michael candy, ice cream, and baseball cards. As time passed, however, Michael says Brignac allegedly invited Michael to his home where the victim claims the deacon preyed upon him.

"He was also abused in the back of Deacon Brignac's car. And it proceeded from inappropriate touching, stroking, masturbation, oral sex, digital sex, and rape," Stetter said.

The lawsuit also claims the Deacon would tell Michael he was "special" and that he loved him. Brignac allegedly told Michael not to tell his parents because "They would not understand our relationship."

The abuse allegedly continued for 3 years.

"Michael's mother discovered a hickey on his neck!! And 'Where did this come from??' And he said, well reluctantly, it was Deacon Brignac. And she said, well I don't want you to be alone with him again. And that's when the relationship ended," Stetter said.

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