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Do Anti-Snoring Devices Work? : Shots - Health News

To what lengths would you go to stifle the thunderous snorts and buzz-saw growls of a spouse or roommate, just so you can get a good night's sleep? Dozens of anti-snoring devices crowd the market, ranging from slightly absurd to moderately torturous.

"Some of them are more medieval than others," says Dr. Kim Hutchison , associate professor of sleep medicine in the department of neurology at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Ore. And some of the devices, she says, even have some basis in fact.

"When you sleep, the back of your throat relaxes. That narrows your airway and, as you're breathing in, it causes it to vibrate," explains Hutchison. So, many anti-snoring products are aimed at opening up that airway, or the tunnels that lead to it. For example, you can buy hollow nose plugs that, instead of closing the nostrils, prop them open .

"If you have a deviated septum or something like that, those could help open up your nose and decrease snoring," says Hutchison, but they won't help everyone because "most snoring appears in the back of your throat."

does anyone know if a stop snoring chin strap works?

I just found out that i snore during sleep from a friend. I read around on the net about snoring and some of the effects e.g sleep disturbances, and lack of energy. Most of the effects i suffer from. Can anyone tell me whats the best products to try that

No. But this device might help. ws/25991963_1_sleep-apnea-continuous-pos itive-air-pressure-device

Snoring's a real problem, this helped me probably saved my marriage

Stop snoring chin Strap?

I snore(really bad) and it really drives my girlfriend crazy. I saw an ad for a stop snoring chin strap and thought it was a good idea. Anyone ever try it? Should I get it? It is $70 bucks so I am somewhat hesitant and wanted feedback from anyone that

maybe you should talk to your dr about getting a sleep study done and get approved for a cpap/bipap machine.....