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    The Original Nose Vents To Ease Breathing And Snoring - Designed By SnoreCare ® In California
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    Snore Care

    List Price: $19.97
    Price: $49.99
    You Save: $30.00 (60%)

    • Soft and enhanced Medical Grade Silicon is used to make SnoreCare Vents, making this solution the most comfortable anti snoring device on the market.
    • FREE Travel Case Included!
    • Money-Back Guaranteed (Through the Amazon A to Z warranty).
    • SnoreCare Vents have been scientifically designed to maximize airflow through the nasal passage that stops snoring all together.
    • SnoreCare Vents provide a warm, comfortable feeling and is virtually invisible to outsiders.

    Stop Snoring Aids: 4 Anti-Snore Solutions
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    List Price: $13.90
    Price: $11.90
    You Save: $2.00 (14%)

    • CUSTOM SIZING: All devices are adjustable and replacements if necessary are provided free of charge.
    • SLEEP QUIETLY: End fatigue and sleep partner resentment.
    • STOP UNHEALTHY BREATHING INTERUPTIONS: Test different solutions to end different breathing obstructions.
    • EXPLORE AND COMBINE: An assortment of four devices that work together to stop snoring.
    • COMFORTABLE & SAFE: Each device is custom fitted.

Being Alert to Sleep Apnea

Voiced appliances, or dental devices, are generally less effective than CPAP, but some people find them easier to use. They are almost always plastic devices that are designed to prevent soft tissues from collapsing and profound on the airway.

Health Resource Center releases information on classes for Jan

*Annex Mum NIGHTS - STOP SNORING, SLEEP BETTER Jan. 24, 5:30-6:30 pm Speaker: Johnathan Winstead, MD -- If you've missed out on a avail night's sleep because of your snoring or your partner's, you know how serious it is.

Sleep Disorder Centre returns to town's hospital

Dr Venn said the centre's most communal treatment is sleep apnoea, where people stop breathing during sleep – often for up to 30 seconds at a span. "Patients for this disorder are given a little air compressor with a fa to aid breathing during sleep,

New Year resolution: Healthier digestive system (1)

Snoring, a specific to of infection in the soft tissue of the upper palate, is due to inflammation there. Prostate enlargement is swelling. Pain anywhere is a sign of inflammation. Every morning after brushing, I check my nostrils.

Reporter's Notebook: A Closer Look at New Devices, Gadgets, Apps Designed to Stop Snoring


First, assess how bad it is. I have been in denial about my snoring, but trying out different snoring apps for this story has disabused me of the notion that I only mildly snore. I tried multiple snoring apps and settled on Snore Lab as the one I liked best. The free version works by accessing your phone’s microphone, then with the app running you place it face down on your bedside table. In the morning, it graphically shows the most significant snoring events that transpired during the night and lets you listen to them. I had no idea my snoring was this bad. Honey, I am so sorry!

The premium version of the app offers some other tools that let you note corresponding events like being overtired or excessive drinking. It also records multiple nights of sleep and offers coaching tips. My favorite part about the app is that it ranks your snoring compared to other users and also qualifies the volume of your snoring: mild, loud and EPIC! I was only in the “loud” category, which makes me feel true empathy for anyone who sleeps with an “EPIC” snorer.

What does the advertisement on this site for the snoring aid remind you of?

To me it just looks like a guy with a pair of women's panties on his head!!!!! Very odd.
How on earth does that stop snoring?? and while we are on the subject do you snore like a pig or worse? Any cures you know about?
Sorry there is more

Can't snore while sniffing panties!

Stop Snore Ring? (please, only those who have actually used it or know someone who has used it)?

Has anyone had any success with the Stop Snore Ring ( )? Please, no worthless BS answers from those who only "think" it is or might be bogus. I would like answers only from those who have actually had experience with


I just bought this product to stop snoring and it actually works its saved my marriage and my life and at last I get a good nights sleep.

Hope that helps

When you read the review just click on the link that


I just bought this product to stop snoring and it actually works its saved my marriage and my life and at last I get a good nights sleep.

Hope that helps

When you read the review just click on the link that