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    Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap for Hot and Cold Compression Therapy - Adjustable Strap for Desired Compression - Effective Pain Relief & Recovery - Ideal for Neck, Knee, Elbow, Arm, & Head
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    Abco Tech

    List Price: $12.97
    Price: $12.97

    • CONVENIENT TO USE - The gel pack can be kept in a refrigerator for instant uses when required or shall be put in a freezer at least 2 hours prior to the application. For heating applications, you could boil the water and put the gel pack in hot water for about 10 minutes. The reusable gel pack can be easily put into a pocket in the wrap and tied around your knee, ankle, wrist elbow or any other body part with the help of the strap to achieve desired level of compression.
    • EASY HOT & COLD THERAPY - Abco Flexible Ice pack wrap eliminates the hassle to create temporary ice packs or cold peas bag for cold compress therapy or hot sand bags for hot compress therapy, which are not only ineffective but in fact a mess. Our non-toxic gel pack can be used either as an ice pack or heat compression pack and comes with an adjustable size elastic strap for a perfect fit around any body part. Each pack includes a set of 2 gel packs.
    • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed with its ease of use, effectiveness in offering you or anyone in the family hot or cold compression therapy, its superior quality and the fact that it could be heated in MICROWAVE too - refer instructions on the package.
    • EFFECTIVE PAINT RELIEF & FASTER RECOVERY - It's quite popular among athletes for quick pain relief & faster recoveries and is ideal even for use as a part of first aid kit. Cold therapy is ideal for swollen or bruised areas as it desensitises the local area and helps control blood loss, swelling, inflammation and pain. Hot compression therapy is ideal for getting rid of fatigue by improving blood circulation, reducing joint stiffness, pain and muscle spasms.
    • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - The gel pack can remain cold for upto 2 hours and retain heat for up to 30 minutes thus giving way better performance as compared to the conventional methods and eliminates the need to re-heat the pack over and again. The ability to apply compression also improves the overall effectiveness of the therapy. These are also ideal for soft tissue injuries and long term chronic injuries.

    KWAN LOONG Medicated Oil for Fast Pain Relief 57 ml Family Size
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    Price: $7.71

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Is there any home remedies for pain relief of a boil?

I have used warm compresses and apparently it isn't ready to burst yet, but the pain is killing me.

like a puss filled one?
ewww, that happened to me once this is what you do.
Buy this stuff at any old pharmacy, its kind of an old fashioned recipie, but it worls really well my mom calls it "black salve"
but theres some


try soaking in the tub just with hot water no soaps and no bubble bath it should help

good luck

boils and how to relief the pain?

ouch! i had boils a few months ago...if you're still having the problem, apply heat several times a day. you might need an antibiotic since the virus spreads in your system..every time one of mine went away, and new one showed up. good luck


Why did you ask this under MEN'S health? Oh well, anyhoo...

You can go to any pharmacy or wal-whatever store and get a salve to put on it, specifically for boils. It should help.