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Is there any home remedies for pain relief of a boil?

I have used warm compresses and apparently it isn't ready to burst yet, but the pain is killing me.

like a puss filled one?
ewww, that happened to me once this is what you do.
Buy this stuff at any old pharmacy, its kind of an old fashioned recipie, but it worls really well my mom calls it "black salve"
but theres some


try soaking in the tub just with hot water no soaps and no bubble bath it should help

good luck

boils and how to relief the pain?

ouch! i had boils a few months ago...if you're still having the problem, apply heat several times a day. you might need an antibiotic since the virus spreads in your system..every time one of mine went away, and new one showed up. good luck


Why did you ask this under MEN'S health? Oh well, anyhoo...

You can go to any pharmacy or wal-whatever store and get a salve to put on it, specifically for boils. It should help.