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    Thyroid Support Supplement with Iodine - Metabolism, Energy and Focus Formula - Vegetarian & Non-GMO - Vitamin B12 Complex, Zinc, Selenium, Ashwagandha, Copper, Coleus Forskohlii & more 30 Day Supply
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    1 Body

    List Price: $24.97
    Price: $24.97

    • SUPPORT HEALTHY THYROID HORMONE FUNCTION - Boost your metabolism & ensure your thyroid hormone stays at an optimal level with our powerful thyroid complex
    • NON-GMO & VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY - Thyroid Support is manufactured in the USA at a cGMP FDA-approved lab with NO wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, or tree nuts. Easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules
    • ENCOURAGE HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS - Improving thyroid function can assist with weight loss when you're eating the proper diet and getting regular exercise. Complex includes all natural ashwagandha root, magnesium, bladderwrack, molybdenum, cayenne pepper, schisandra, plus more
    • BOOST FOCUS & CLARITY - Improving thyroid function is shown to boost concentration and improve your memory mood & finally clear out the 'brain fog'
    • INCREASE ENERGY LEVELS - A healthy thyroid is a happy thyroid, which means you will wake up more rested & have more energy throughout the day

    LES Labs Thyroid Support, Natural Supplement for Thyroid Health, Metabolism & Thyroid Hormone Levels, 60 Capsules
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    LES Labs

    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $29.99

    • SUPPORTS THYROID HORMONE PRODUCTION. Essential nutrients like iodine and L-Tyrosine help to support healthy thyroid hormone production levels.
    • NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Natural thyroid supplement includes iodine, selenium, tyrosine, and ashwagandha extract.
    • 1 CAPSULE DAILY. Suggested use of 1 capsule daily for thyroid support or as recommended by a healthcare professional.
    • SUPPORTS HEALTHY THYROID FUNCTION. Drug-free thyroid supplement supports thyroid function and natural thyroid hormone synthesis.
    • PROMOTES HEALTHY METABOLISM AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. A healthy thyroid supports the body's metabolic processes and can assist in weight loss.

Why Your Thyroid Is So Important, and How You Can Support It

When thyroid function is optimal, you feel terrific: vital, energized, optimistic. When it’s off, you can feel beyond rotten. Your cells can’t reproduce properly without exactly the right amount and type of thyroid hormone. Your organs cannot operate effectively.

It’s not enough to have “some” thyroid hormone, either. Every cell needs exactly the right amount. Too little, and your metabolism bogs down — which is  hypo thyroidism. You become cold, depressed, listless, and constipated, with mind-fuddling brain fog. You gain weight easily. Your sex hormones get out of whack.

Too much, and your metabolism revs up to warp speed —  hyper thyroidism. You become panicky, anxious, and plagued by frequent bowel movements. You lose weight even when you eat constantly. Your muscles feel weak and your hands shake.

Your need for thyroid hormone is multifaceted and dynamic. On days when you are active, extra stressed, or fighting a cold, your thyroid works harder. It suffers when you don’t get enough  sleep  or eat foods that stress your digestive or immune system.

Does anyone know what foods you can eat to improve your thyroid health? or supplements?

I someone said i have a weak thyroid and that i need to be looking into ways to improve its health. any ideas of what supplements or foods are great for thyroid health?

i know a suppment that helps with throyid it;'s called Kelp it's seaweed sound wacky i know i have Hashmonto's and it has really helped me do some reseach you'll be glad you did! good luck

Firstly, who told you that you have a weak thyroid and what does that mean? Do you have hyperthyroid? Hypothyroid? Have you actually had any blood work done to prove this or is this just someone's feeling?

You must find out the answer

kelp supplements for thyroid health,has anyone used it? ?

If high-quality "kelp supplements"