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    Chesna Donut Tailbone Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoid Treatment, Prostate, Post-Surgery Relief, Pregnancy Pillow, Orthopedic Lift Cushion Made of Premium Comfort Foam for Home, Work or Car - Grey
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    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $29.99

    • Cushion is made of premium quality dense foam, thus providing long lasting comfort and relief. Extra stiffness added assuring cushion won't flatten out even after prolonged seating
    • Easy Product Care: Just zip-off and gently remove velour cover for easy home laundering. Machine washable
    • Featuring non-slip bottom so cushion isn't sliding away but stays in place. Covered with velour fabric, available in Black and Grey to best meet your taste
    • Usability and Portability: Ideal for everyday use on any type of chair at home, work or on travel in car, train and plane and on wheelchair. Minimal weight so you can easily take along with you
    • This cushion is perfect for hemorrhoids treatment, pregnancy or post surgery relief. Also reduces pressure on lower back, coccyx/tailbone, perineal, pelvic and anal region

    bonmedico Orthopedic Hemorrhoid Pillow, Memory Foam Gel Donut Cushion For Hemorrhoid Treatment & Coccyx Pain Relief, Donut Seat Cushion For Home, Office, Car & Wheelchair, Black Donut Pillow, Standard
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    Bonstato Inc.

    List Price: $64.99
    Price: $64.99
    You Save: $40.09 (62%)

    • ✔ COMFORTABLE: The gel and memory foam donut pillow offers an ideal mixture of maximum sitting comfort and orthopedic firmness. The underside of the doughnut cushion is made of a non-slip material that ensures the ergonomic seat cushion pad stays in place and will not shift or slide on any surface. The BREATHABLE MESH COVER is removable. The orthopaedic haemorrhoid pillow in in standard size measures 16.1x12.8x2.6 in and is recommended for a weight up to 198 lbs.
    • ✔ PAIN RELIEVING: This hemorrhoid cushion helps to relieve pain in the spine and buttocks by shifting the tailbone when sitting and reducing pressure on the pelvis. With its orthopedic firmness the orthopedic seat cushion offers exceptional lumbar support for the treatment of hemorrhoids, coccyx injury, sciatica and pressure sores. The bonmedico orthopedic donut pillow promotes healthy blood circulation, especially during long periods of sitting or post-surgery.
    • ✔ VERSATILE: The medical donut can be used anywhere: It is suitable as an ergonomic chair cushion at home, computer chair cushion, office chair cushion, car seat cushion or wheelchair cushion. The orthopedic donut cushion is perfect for women and men and offers high seat comfort. It can also be used as a coccyx cushion when travelling by train or plane. The ring seat cushion is delivered in a handy carrying case. This makes the transport of the office desk chair cushion very easy.
    • ✔ HYGIENIC: The donut shaped pillow comes with a cover that is machine washable at 86°F. This makes the donut tailbone cushion very convenient. All materials used for our donut pillow for hemorrhoids are non-toxic.
    • ✔ HIGH-TECH: The hemorrhoid seat cushion is an innovative gel / memory foam hybrid. Its ergonomic design features a contoured compact viscoelastic memory foam core with a cooling gel layer on top. Due to the compacted foam mixture and the recess in the centre, the painful area is prevented from touching the seat. As a result, the round donut pillow provides optimum support, relieving pressure and pain.

Brooklyn man says he lost toe due to poor ICE medical treatment

A Brooklyn man facing deportation says he had to have a toe amputated because U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ignored his pleas for better medical attention while in custody. And as President Trump presses ahead with his immigration crackdown, there are growing questions about how detainees get medical care. NY1 Criminal Justice Reporter Dean Meminger has this exclusive story.

Zbigniew Lutostanski says his infected foot was allowed to get worse while locked up at the immigration detention center in Bergen County, New Jersey.

"It is going to spread to my bones," Lutostanski said "Maybe I am going to lose, you know, my leg."

Doctors already have amputated one of his toes. The 66-year-old Polish immigrant and his lawyer are blaming officials with ICE.

"Three of his toes, they looked like they were going to fall off," said Wendy Austrie of the Legal Aid Society. "It was heartbreaking."

Is there a good hemorrhoids home treatment out there?

My wife has been suffering from hemorrhoids since her pregnancy with our first child.
We've tried all kinds of hemorrhoids home treatment options but so far, nothing works.
Is there anything out there that can stop the bleeding, itching

Yes. Hemorrhoids are common for women who have gone through pregnancy because the added weight in her belly puts a lot of pressure on the anal canal. The result is hemorrhoids.
Though traditional medicine has little to offer, other than surgery,

Yes. Hemorrhoids are common for women who have gone through pregnancy because the added weight in her belly puts a lot of pressure on the anal canal. The result is hemorrhoids.
Though traditional medicine has little to offer, other than surgery,

Let your wife know is is not alone in this matter. What I have found over the years that the best treatment for hemi's is some of the following:
Ice Cold Tucks pads place on the irritated hemi.
Hot soak to the rectal area
Place hemorrhoidal

What is the best hemorrhoids home treatment?

Seriously, I am asking if someone can tell me what is the best treatment for hemorrhoids?

I have been using this if I am getting my hemorrhoids again and again. It is effective in any way and I can say it is the best hemorrhoids home treatment. It is an all natural product and consumers like this fact. It is nature friendly and it is from

I find if I gently tuck them back in the pain is less. Getting off my feet helps to by relieving the pressure .Lay flat or sideways on a bed for awhile. A hemorrhoid preparation is helpful for the pain but will not take away the problem.

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blood piles
fissure in ano
prolapsed piles

If you are suffering from second degree of piles,
operation is the permanent cure.

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