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Woman's Eyelashes Grew More Than An Inch Long Due To Cancer Medication

A 45-year-old woman in Portugal grew 1.25-inch-long (3 centimeters) eyelashes in three weeks while being treated with a drug for stage four metastatic colorectal cancer.

Describing the patient's case in the journal  BMJ Case Reports , Leonor Vasconcelos Matos and colleagues report the woman was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in November 2017, with examinations revealing multiple pulmonary and liver metastasis that could not be removed. Due to this and other factors, the team decided to treat the woman with the cancer drug cetuximab.

After 14 cycles, she went to the Lisbon oncology clinic with eyelid infections. She noted that three weeks prior, her eyelashes had begun to grow abnormally long and curly. Rather than being pleased with her lengthened lashes, the condition was causing her trouble. 

“People often come to me and say ‘where have you made your eyelashes, they look so real’. This is the fun part,” the patient said in the case study. “The not so fun part is the discomfort and itching that the long eyelids cause, and when you scratch with your hands, the more likely it is to make infections. And this is terrible. I totally agree that I should keep treatment, because it is helping me, but I just wish there was a more easy way to manage my ‘beauty problem.’"


Any home remedies to make your eyelashes thicker?? I used to have thick eyelashes and over the years they have thined out. I have stopped wearing mascara to work and they have gotten a little better. I have beautiful eyes, and am now embarassed. I dont

Hey Bbz!

i had the same question not long back! i researched on it and found out that if you use vasaline before you go to bed when the eye lashes shred and grow back they will grow back longer and thicker! alls you have to do is rub it


well, someone that I once knew, they took a match lit it up for about 10 seconds or so...and then blew it out. then make it like eyeliner but careful. Maybe b4 you try it the first time, dip it in water and THEN put it on.


My eyelashes are really long, but the problem is that they are so straight! They don't curl or anything and so they just look like long planks sticking out of my eyes. I have tried curling them and putting mascara on them but the curl goes away afetr

This is a technique you might try. Step one make sure your eyelash curler is metal you are going to heat it up with a blow dryer so it can curl like a curling iron does to your hair. Apply a thin coat of mascara to one eye and then use your heated curler

Skip to around 4:30

She demonstraights a bad way first, then the right way. =]

Once they're curled, you'll have beautiful eyes if they're long!

Fake ones but that would make your eyelashes really full and They might fall off! :S
Try putting on a bit of mascara then heat (a tiny bit) metal Eyelash curlers be carefull though then squeeze for a couple of Seconds let go open and close the