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    Eliace 50 Pairs 5 Styles Lashes Handmade False Eyelashes Set Professional Fake Eyelashes Pack,10 Pairs Eyes Lashes Each Style,Very Natural Soft and Comfortable,With Free EyeLash Tweezers
    Luggage (Eliace Beauty)

    Eliace Beauty

    List Price: $50.99
    Price: $50.99
    You Save: $35.81 (70%)

    • *3.Eyelashes Feature:Suitable for party or professional application like wedding event,photo shoot,night out, daily daytime Use.
    • *1.HIGH QUANTITY EYELASH: Vivid and shiny and long lifespan. Very durable and perfect performance. Most fashionable style false eyelash, full but natural looking, excellent length and width. Suitable for daily life, party and so on. Make your eyes charm and attractive
    • *4.BEAUTIFY YOUR EYES: put on these thin and long false eyelashes and your eyes would look bigger, brighter and more attractive, you will look naturally gorgeous and beautiful
    • *2.SOFT MATERIAL: made of thin fiber material, these false eyelashes are soft and comfortable to wear, and the ultra thin fiber eyelashes may give you a natural and beautiful look
    • *5.NO PROBLEM-We Promise that each items is good quality,Not satisfied 100% refund,We are profession produce eyelashes any problem contact with us.

    MAGEFY 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set for Natural Look with False Lashes Applicator-10 Styles
    Beauty (MAGEFY)


    List Price: $12.99
    Price: $12.99

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Customers'satisfacti on is always our top priority on Magefy, if you have any problem with the items, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help.
    • Superior Quality-Unlike other clunky false lashes,our 3D false lashes are made of ultra-light synthetic fibers, just as soft as your natural lashes, make you look more attractive.
    • Easy to Use-With thick, flexible and hypoallergenic band, it is supper easy to install and won't hurt your eyes. Besides, the fake eyelashes are reusable if being used and removed properly.
    • 10 Assorted Styles- The ten pairs of false eyelashes are in ten assorted styles, perfect for different occasions like party, dating, travel etc.
    • Free Bonus Gift-Come with an extra false eyelashes extension applicator (value $7.99), help you use the lashes better.

Katy Perry Launching Fake Eyelash Line

Katy Perry Launching Fake Eyelash Line Last shades of night, we were wandering around an Ulta store and we literally thought, “What amiable of mascara can give me eyelashes like Katy Perry's?” After annoying on what seemed like seven thousand brands we gave up because a) we didn't miss our eyelashes to

Katy Perry Is Selling Fake Eyelashes

Katy Perry Is Selling Fake Eyelashes Acknowledged the chance to create her own eyelashes, I'd expect something wacky from Perry, like glitter or bling or even a smidgen color. Luckily, we won't have long to wait: her brand new set of untruthful eyelashes is on the way. Perry is partnering with Eylure

Lash Relongé Eyelash Growth Serum Announces Valentine's Day 2012 Offer

It works to nourish existing eyelashes, allowing lashes to thicken and grow to their optimal term without breaking long after Valentine's Day is over. Falsies and heavy pressure up can irritate skin and eyes, but this serum is gentle enough for all

Mike Argento: What do women want? Long, luscious eyelashes

In place of, women seem to spend much of their time obsessed with their eyelashes. I learned this the other night when I saw a TV ad for something called Latisse. In the ad, women discussed their eyelashes and how they were disappointed in them and

Frozen-eyelash woman shared another photo. It will probably make you cringe.

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Any home remedies to make your eyelashes thicker?? I used to have thick eyelashes and over the years they have thined out. I have stopped wearing mascara to work and they have gotten a little better. I have beautiful eyes, and am now embarassed. I dont

Hey Bbz!

i had the same question not long back! i researched on it and found out that if you use vasaline before you go to bed when the eye lashes shred and grow back they will grow back longer and thicker! alls you have to do is rub it


well, someone that I once knew, they took a match lit it up for about 10 seconds or so...and then blew it out. then make it like eyeliner but careful. Maybe b4 you try it the first time, dip it in water and THEN put it on.


My eyelashes are really long, but the problem is that they are so straight! They don't curl or anything and so they just look like long planks sticking out of my eyes. I have tried curling them and putting mascara on them but the curl goes away afetr

This is a technique you might try. Step one make sure your eyelash curler is metal you are going to heat it up with a blow dryer so it can curl like a curling iron does to your hair. Apply a thin coat of mascara to one eye and then use your heated curler

Skip to around 4:30

She demonstraights a bad way first, then the right way. =]

Once they're curled, you'll have beautiful eyes if they're long!

Fake ones but that would make your eyelashes really full and They might fall off! :S
Try putting on a bit of mascara then heat (a tiny bit) metal Eyelash curlers be carefull though then squeeze for a couple of Seconds let go open and close the