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Does Putting Vaseline On Your Eye Lashes Enhance The Growth Of Them ?

I have heard a few people mention that putting vaseline makes your eye lashes grow ?
Are they right ?

Completely untrue. There is absolutely no scientific basis to back this up.
Be nice if were true, but it's a myth.

Vaseline is a by-product of oil. Petrol comes from oil. Vaseline on your eye lashes can get you up to 100 blinks per hour.


Nature's Bounty Hair, Nails, and Skin vitiamins growth on eye lashes?

If Nature's Bounty Hair, Nails, and Skin vitamins helps hair grow (the hair on your head), does it help with the growth of eye lashes too (considering they're hair too?)

There's actually stuff you can use on your eye lashes to help them grow. It's called Idol Lash, there's a link to their site below.

i dont really know but i saw this commercial about this eyelash thing that makes your eye lashes grow. i heard it works really good.