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    Ardell Deluxe Pack Lash, 120
    Beauty (Ardell)


    List Price: $6.99
    Price: $5.99
    You Save: $1.00 (14%)

    • Tweezer end for easy application; Soft tip helps to gently secure and place lashes
    • Lightweight and reusable ardell lashes
    • Best value for the same great price as a twin pack
    • Dual ended lash applicator makes application quick and simple
    • Includes duo, the top selling adhesive

    Eyelash Kit for All Holidays | 8 Sets Flexi Band Lashes | Apply Lashes on Easily with New Lash Tabs | Precision Curved Tweezers | Hypoallergenic Glue

    List Price: $14.95
    Price: $9.95
    You Save: $5.00 (33%)

    • 3 Easy Step Instruction Guide. Instant Beauty Instant Results
    • Precision Black Curved Tweezers
    • 8 Sets of Flexi Band Lashes That Contour To The Eye Shape Making Them Look Real Not Fake
    • Hypoallergenic Water Proof Lash Glue by LAC
    • Lash Tabs For Easy On Application. Lashes Have Never Been So Easy To Apply. Patent Pending Technology

Leading Lady Lip and Lash Kit Hits the Beauty Scene

"I attraction the Lip and Lash products!" said Elise Hamamoto, Teenager Photogenic Washington USA 2011. "You will not find a better lip plumper and I only attire one coat of mascara now that Lash made my natural eyelashes grow longer and thicker -- I'm done with

Nip/Tuck Your Ugly Friend's Face With the Olympus VR-340's In-Camera Make-Up Kit

You can whiten your New Zealand mate's teeth, beef up his nonexistent eyelashes, shrink his insincere chin, and even get rid of the horrid, omnipresent dark circles under his eyes. In entire you can add up to 18 "enhancements" to you friend's features.

Smoke & Mirrors: Teairra Mari Talks Sexy Eyes

Smoke & Mirrors: Teairra Mari Talks Sexy Eyes Eye Makeup Kit in Tournament the Stones. It has three different shades of black, and I mix it with this another eye shadow set called Collect the Browns. It's smoky, but it has a little pop to it with the brown.” She says lashes definitely complete a smoky eye.

O.C.'s Kit-Cat Clocks celebrates 80 years with Rose Parade float - Orange ...

The Kit-Cat has evolved to allow for a spectrum of colors and other characters including Kitty-Cat, the female variation of the clock that has big eyelashes and a pearl necklace. Young said Kit-Cat also releases a reduced-edition clock every year for those

"Models May Judge You" if You Don't Have This in Your NYFW Kit

Use The Right Makeup Remover

Fun fact: There’s never running water at makeup stations backstage during fashion week. Add to that the fact that models often work one show after another, which means they may be coming from a runway sporting full-on black, glittery eye shadow and changing into a look that’s more natural.

“You have to the best makeup remover on hand,” said makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, the go-to key for designers such as Libertine and Nicole Miller. "It's Bioderma, with the pink cap , and it's a savior backstage. If you don't have this in your kit the models may judge you. Not joking! It's so good because it removes everything all the while keeping the skin balanced and not stripped of its natural oils.”

Another backstage favorite is makeup remover wipes, but not all are created equally.

“My favorite wipes for quick and easy eye makeup remover on the models is either Neutrogena wipe or Dermalogica face wipes. I love both, but the reason Dermalogica is so awesome is because they are a totally non-greasy wipe,” said makeup artist Alexandra Rutkay, who's worked Venexiana, Lela Rose, and Christian Siriano. Dana Perisco , a beauty expert, said her go-to was Johnson's Hand & Face Baby Wipes . “They are the perfect cleansing towelettes for removing makeup. They are pillowy-soft, smell like a hint of powder, and feel great on skin,” she said.

Which is better whole false eye lashes or an individual lash kit?

Never used them before & just wanted to now, I want to achieve a more natural look.

since you've never tried them before I suggest you starting with the whole strip of eyelashes. once you get comfortable using them you can play around with color and size. I happen to use individual but I only need some on the corners.

Individuals look more natural. Just use a few at the corners of your eyes so it give you a seductive looke but without looking like a drag queen LOL

Neither. It's fake.

How long do fake eye lashes stay on?

I just bought Ardell fake eyelashe singles and I only put 3 on each outer eye so I dont waste them if they come off tonight in my sleep. But the instructions say they stay on for 3 to 4 weeks and come out when your eye lsah normally sheds off. I got

strips are easy to put on but they last a day, yet, you can reuse them. the individual ones last longer (2 or 3 weeks) and they look better, but its hard to do them yourself. my advice to u... if you just need a quick look for the day or a night on

strips are easy to put on but they last a day, yet, you can reuse them. the individual ones last longer (2 or 3 weeks) and they look better, but its hard to do them yourself. my advice to u... if you just need a quick look for the day or a night on