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TGA sends warning about popular eyelash growth serums after LiLash banned from salons

“I looked like I conjunctivitis. I had big dark circles under my eyes. It looked like I had been crying. My husband would come home and say ‘What’s wrong, have you been crying?’ I had big red puffy eyes that were often stuck together in the morning if I used the serum the night before,” she said.

Four days after Ms Ballesty stopped using LiLash, her eyes returned to normal. “It all cleared up and I never touched it again,” she said.

Sarah Antolik noticed her eyes became red and swollen after using a different eyelash serum, EyEnvy, for just two days. EyEnvy is only available through professional salons.

“I persevered, thinking, ‘No pain, no gain’, and while the swelling went down after a week my eyes remained red and were constantly itchy. It was like you’d been in a swimming pool with too much chlorine” Ms Antolik said.

“I felt like I had hay fever in the middle of winter. It was only after I developed permanent black rings under my eyes that I became so alarmed that I consulted my doctor who said I should stop using it immediately.

eyelash growth?

so i was wondering whether there was a way of growing eyelashes...apart fom eyelash implants! haha. So is there cream? would hair growing conditioners work? or anything to make them thicker and stronger?
Actual useful information would help (

I take my mascara off with vaseline, then coat my lashes with it. I think it strengthens them. I heard Jennifer Aniston does the same thing. Make sure not to get in your eyes though.

My friends and I use eyelash conditioners. I have naturally thick lashes but I use them to make my lashes strong, but my friend used to have thin lashes, and now her lashes are long and thick! She uses Mavala Double Lash ($15 on amazon) and me and another

Are there any NATURAL home remedy eyelash growth techniques?

Are there any NATURAL home remedy eyelash growth techniques?

So the question is for anyone who has tried and uses a true and working method of natural home remedies for growing ones eyelashes and thicken them, please let me know.

Im not sure what you would apply directly, but try taking vitamin E. It works wonders and the benefits are healthier skin, hair and nails, which will increase eyelash health and growth.