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eye lash tint

Where can I find eye lash tint?

What drugstore or beauty stores can i find eye lash tint at? and a link would be nice(:

beauty stores

a tint to make them darker or sparkly? just get mascara. you can get it anywhere

Eye lash tint?

I am considering having my eye lashes tinted so that I don't have to bother with mascara on a daily basis. Does it make a difference and how often do you need to have it re-done?

It makes a really good difffence and asves a lot of time in the mornings =]. you have to have it down roughly every 6 weeks but its relatively cheap so its ok.

Make sure they do an allergy test with the dye at least 24 hours before so

be careful,
I was allergic when i had it done and they'd done a test on my skin first but my eyes came up in lumps. The lumps lasted a week - stick with sensitive mascara I say...

You need to find a great beauty therapist, Eyelash tinting shouldn't hurt at all and I have heard some horror stories.. I actually do tinting in my salon and have yet to hurt someone... I usually tint peoples lashes every 4 weeks. Oh and yes it makes