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eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions?

I recently lost loads of eyelashes! They're starting to grow back but are really tiny! I've decided to get some eyelash extensions applied to them as I have a load of special parties and things coming up and I hate false eyelashes!
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I'm thinking about getting them also. The thing is, they glue the eyelashes to your own natural eyelashes, and from my research on this, I don't think any reputable eyelash extension person would do yours b/c they're so new and short. And the reason that


I"ve never heard of eyelash extensions, and I've heard of pretty much everything. They do make individual lashes and clusters of 3, which look very natural, and you can do yourself. You can pick them up at any local drugstore that carries cosmet

Eyelash Extensions?

I want to get eyelash extensions. I was wondering if someone could tell me how long they generally last for, and can you still wash ur face with cleansers or do you have to avoid those kind of products?

i think that you usually have to get them touched up every two weeks, but i'm not positive.
as for you cleansers and all that, you can still use them, just don't rub your eye area really hard.

It depends on how well you take care of them. Some people have a habit of rubbing their eyes and forget they have them on.

You can still wash your face normally, just don't rub your lashes.

dont wasting ur money on that....i did it and they lasted a while ( like almost 3 weeks) just get ur self the glued on eyelashes at a drugstore....their really easy to use....and wayyyyyy less the cost...and plus their reusable big plus....hope that helps