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eyelash dye

eyelash dye?

Is blue/black the darkest eyelash dye there is? if not what is?

blue/black is the darkest you can get when you get your lashes permed. it makes them look thicker and really nice if done properly. the only thing is once you start doing it its another chore on the beauty list lol you gotta go get it done every so often

i think black, but you have to be cautious in doing so because it might not be good for your eyes.

id say just plain darkest black

Eyelash dye?

Hello, I am interested in dyeing my eyelashes, a friend of mine told me about it, I have heard it makes them long and full looking, is this true? also, where can i get this done in my area or can i buy a kit to do it at home? do they do it at salons

Yeah you can dye your eyelashers and it does help make them look more full if you have lighter colored or thin eyelashers and wanting to dye them a darker color. However you can use mascara to make the same effect, but dye will last longer. You can buy

i have no clue what that is, but if you get it done do it at a salon.

Id like to dye mine too! but i have the same questions a you