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2020 Karma Revero GT breaks cover—with smaller moustache

"Our [Karma Innovation and Customization Center] will offer every owner the opportunity to make a personal connection with the people behind our brand, showcasing our exclusive design and craftsmanship capabilities, intuitive technology, personalized customization and VVIP customer treatment," said Louise Bristow, Karma's director of Customer Experience and VIP programs.

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The center will also house a test track to allow prospective owners to run the car to its limits outside the confines of city streets and traffic laws. 

In addition to two new models it announced in March, the company revamped its original Revero, which it inherited as the original Fisker Karma, into the Revero GT.

As we've covered here before, the new Revero gets a bigger, 28-kilowatt-hour battery that will give it 65 miles of electric range, and a new BMW-sourced 3-cylinder turbo engine to keep it going for longer trips.

where can i find eyelashes for the lights on my beetle car??

I saw a beetle with eyelashes on the front lights. I would love them on my beetle. Please can anybody help.

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I know you can buy them on ebay for low prices..< br />

Here is a link that sells the eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows.

Where can I buy eyelashes for my car? (iLashes, carlashes)?


I think you mean eyelids, (eyelashes would look weird).

But of course, you can find good deals online. t/Polyurethane-Headlights-Eyelids/Defaul t.aspx