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    Boys' Life magazine, August 2011-Snakes Alive! Eyelash Viper on cover.

Man caught with 247 animals in suitcase

The man was smuggling snakes like this Eyelash Viper, inherited to Central and South America. A man has been charged after trying to board a slide in Argentina with 247 live animals packed in his suitcase, including malignant snakes and endangered

「飛機上有蛇」真實版 捷克男走私200生猛毒蛇

這些蛇被包裝在乾淨的塑膠盒中,被發現時,有兩條已經死亡,專家說,其他的也可能會因缺氧而死。 當地警方本周控告Abelovsky涉嫌走私,如果判決有罪,可能要面臨10年的牢獄生活。 捷克男子攜帶的蛇中,包括這種原產自中南美洲的睫角蝮(Eyelash Viper

NYPD: Graniteville man bit by poisonous pet snake before chopping its head off

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- A Graniteville man is in stable condition after he was bit by his poisonous pet snake Friday night, police said.

Michael Larneard, 27, was cleaning the tank when the Gaboon viper bit him on the arm at around 10:47 p.m., according to an NYPD spokesman.

Larneard then chopped the serpent's head off with a fishing knife when the snake did not release his arm, police said.

The spokesman said the victim was conscious and responsive when authorities responded to the scene, and was then transported to Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. 

Larneard did not have venom in his system, police said.

During the incident, authorities recovered another snake, a boa constrictor, from Larneard's Richmond Avenue home. That reptile was taken to Animal Control, the spokesman said.

Police said he was given a summons for the Gaboon viper, which is a Sub-Saharan snake whose fangs may be up to two inches long and can grow to over six feet in length, according to Advance records.

where can i get a golden eyelash viper?

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What culture finds the golden eyelash pit viper beautful?

A golden eyeleah pit viper is inditious to the costa rican rain forest.

The culture is: Costa Rican