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    FACE TO FACE with an Eyelash Viper!

    3dRose Golden Eyelash Viper snake - NA02 DNO0463 - David Northcott - Greeting Cards, 6 x 6 inches, set of 12 (gc_83971_2)
    Office Product (3D Rose (Home Improvement))

    3D Rose (Home Improvement)

    List Price: $24.99
    Price: $17.95
    You Save: $2.00 (11%)

    • Heavy duty card stock with black interior
    • Dimensions (in inches): Card 5.5 H x 5.5 W, envelope 6 H x 6 W
    • Additional postage may be required
    • Cards are creased for easy folding
    • Set of 12 greeting cards; 12 white envelopes included.

Man caught with 247 animals in suitcase

The man was smuggling snakes like this Eyelash Viper, inherited to Central and South America. A man has been charged after trying to board a slide in Argentina with 247 live animals packed in his suitcase, including malignant snakes and endangered

「飛機上有蛇」真實版 捷克男走私200生猛毒蛇

這些蛇被包裝在乾淨的塑膠盒中,被發現時,有兩條已經死亡,專家說,其他的也可能會因缺氧而死。 當地警方本周控告Abelovsky涉嫌走私,如果判決有罪,可能要面臨10年的牢獄生活。 捷克男子攜帶的蛇中,包括這種原產自中南美洲的睫角蝮(Eyelash Viper

Buffalo Zoo's revamped Reptile Center will carry a familiar name: Fernandes

When the Buffalo Zoo's renovation of the Reptile House is completed, it will reopen with new and renovated exhibits, new creatures, new mechanical systems and a new name: The Donna Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center.

Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan, D-Buffalo, who will announce this morning that New York State will provide a $300,000 grant that allows the zoo to reach its $3.7 million fundraising goal, came up with the idea of naming the zoo after its former president.

"I thought there was no better way to honor Donna's time at the zoo than to have her name on the amphibian and reptile house," Ryan said. "Visitors in the future will look at it and recall it was Donna's leadership that created the new zoo that we all enjoy."

Fernandes, who left her job as the zoo's president in April 2017, led an overhaul of the zoo after being hired in 2000. She completed 11 major projects over 17 years at a cost of $52 million. The changes transformed the zoo from an aging, moribund institution to a refreshed and energized cultural attraction that set attendance records and saw improved animal welfare.

where can i get a golden eyelash viper?

i have already looked up breeders in my state, and no one seems to have them, and if they did they are gone

try htm
also try here Proven Breeder Golden Eyelash/$300ea,contact :
Phone: 864-386-0543 Email: in the classified section

Costa Rica if you want to catch 1 yourself . Otherwise try , or

What culture finds the golden eyelash pit viper beautful?

A golden eyeleah pit viper is inditious to the costa rican rain forest.

The culture is: Costa Rican