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Buffalo Zoo's revamped Reptile Center will carry a familiar name: Fernandes

When the Buffalo Zoo's renovation of the Reptile House is completed, it will reopen with new and renovated exhibits, new creatures, new mechanical systems and a new name: The Donna Fernandes Amphibian and Reptile Center.

Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan, D-Buffalo, who will announce this morning that New York State will provide a $300,000 grant that allows the zoo to reach its $3.7 million fundraising goal, came up with the idea of naming the zoo after its former president.

"I thought there was no better way to honor Donna's time at the zoo than to have her name on the amphibian and reptile house," Ryan said. "Visitors in the future will look at it and recall it was Donna's leadership that created the new zoo that we all enjoy."

Fernandes, who left her job as the zoo's president in April 2017, led an overhaul of the zoo after being hired in 2000. She completed 11 major projects over 17 years at a cost of $52 million. The changes transformed the zoo from an aging, moribund institution to a refreshed and energized cultural attraction that set attendance records and saw improved animal welfare.

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