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    Nutramax Cosamin Asu for Joint Health Capsules, 90 Count
    Health and Beauty (Lambert Vet Supply-Nutrition and Wellness)

    Lambert Vet Supply-Nutrition and Wellness

    List Price: $39.99
    Price: $21.75
    You Save: $18.24 (46%)

    • Advanced, faster acting formula
    • Active ingredients work together to decrease cartilage breakdown and joint discomfort.
    • Cosamin ASU has been rigorously tested for purity by both independent testing facilities and our own Quality Control, to meet our high standards and yours.

    Cosamin DS For Joint Health Comfort & Mobility, 108 Capsules
    Health and Beauty (Cosamin DS)

    Cosamin DS

    List Price: $29.32
    Price: $25.95
    You Save: $3.37 (11%)

    • Dietary Supplement
    • Dietary Supplement

Global Health Trax Launches New Health Supplement Products

"The formulation of our Joint Muscle Deliverance Pack combines glucosamine and chondroitin with three other noted ingredients which stand up for joint lubrication and flexibility. It also incorporates systemic enzyme capsules designed to support comfort for

Anthrax capsule vaccine protects monkeys from lethal infection

The Commence plays a key role as the lead military medical research laboratory for the Defense Risk Reduction Agency's Joint Science and Technology Office for Chemical and Biological Defense. USAMRIID is a subordinate laboratory of the US Army

Pain relief for Ross River could be doing more harm than good

Mr Gillard says he believes that the good formula in the Carathron herbal capsules naturally act to help those with Ross River struggle the symptoms successfully. “The capsules help reduce inflammation by correcting the main part's immune response as a

Local Group Says Stem Cell Regeneration Worked For Them

She said on July 30, 2011, she began mature stem cell enhancement which meant taking four capsules every morning. “In five weeks, it was unmistakable I no longer would need a cornea transplant. Dr. Izak Wessels, my eye surgeon, was impressed about the

CBD oil: the cannabis supplement taking the wellness world by storm

It’s one of the fastest growing supplements in the US and the UK and is said to help everything from insomnia to anxiety and joint pain. As the row regarding the legalisation of medicinal cannabis continues, we find out more about its legal counterpart

There are few supplements that spark as much of a debate as cannabis oil - one that’s been reignited by the recent case of epilepsy sufferer Billy Caldwell, 12, who had his medicinal cannabis oil confiscated by officials at Heathrow Airport after his mother attempted to bring it in from Canada to the UK. The reason? Its content of a psychoactive substance called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is currently illegal in the UK.

Not all types of cannabis oil are banned though. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil (derived from the stems and leaves of hemp plants) is currently flying off shelves at the moment due to its wide range of purported health benefits that include better sleep and the relief of joint pain, stress and anxiety. And in case you were worried, it won’t make you high. “CBD is non-intoxicating and void of any psychoactive inducing properties,” says Dr Sarah Brewer, Healthspan Medical Director. “It’s been widely researched in the States for its health benefits and is increasingly used as an herbal supplement to promote general feelings of wellbeing.”

Hi, has anyone had anything to do with Cherry Fruit Extract Capsules, and do they help with gout & arthritis?

I have high Uric Acid which causes gout, and am taking a prescription drug - Allopurinol - which has side effects. What i read about Cherry Fruit Extract Capsules sounds good, but i cannot find where I can buy them in Australia. Any ideas, anyone??

Black Cherry juice, available at most health food stores, and eating fresh cherries helps a lot . Also drinking plenty of water helps your kidneys remove uric acid. Pineapple will help with the inflammation. Sometimes natural remedies will not do the

Black Cherry juice, available at most health food stores, and eating fresh cherries helps a lot . Also drinking plenty of water helps your kidneys remove uric acid. Pineapple will help with the inflammation. Sometimes natural remedies will not do the

How do I know what brands of supplements have the potency correctly stated on the bottle?

I have heard of and seen programs where they test certain brands of vitamins and other supplements sold in drug stores. On these programs they 'expose' brands as not having in the 'pill' what the brands say they have.

For example, a glucosamine

you never really know whats true and whats false when it comes to health....the best thing you can do is to research on your own. I recommend this website as I swear by it :
you can type in any word in the search engine there

I don't know if this is totally correct or not, BUT someone told me to look on the bottle and make sure it says "STANDARDIZED". This is supposed to mean that it has the correct amount of whatever. They said that the "standardized"

Unfortunately, there is no way to know for certain unless you have a lot of $$ and can afford to have the supplements you take, analyzed. Since that is not an option for most of us, I recommend avoiding the big national chains (GN- somethingorother) comes