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yeast infection treatment for dogs

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Natural, Simple-Ingredient Chews Gain Popularity

By Eric Stenson

Sugars, artificial colors and flavors—as people become more concerned about healthy ingredients when they’re looking for a snack, these tendencies are becoming more prevalent when consumers seek out treats and chews for their companion animals as well.

Patrick Caprez, president of Natural Cravings and Barking Buddha in Homestead, Florida, saw firsthand the difference natural treats can make when he visited a farmers market and picked up some all-natural treats for his elderly dog, according to his wife, Lucy Caprez, who serves as Natural Cravings and Barking Buddha’s marketing director.

“His dog went crazy for it,” Lucy Caprez said. “After research, he saw there was a huge market for this. Just from looking at his dog’s health and seeing how it improved by feeding him natural products.”

It wasn’t long before Patrick Caprez left the car business and founded Natural Cravings in 2014. He expanded into the Barking Buddha line in 2016. Natural Cravings features U.S.-sourced items, including pork femurs, beef rib bones, beef kneecap, beef trachea, beef liver jerky, Sizzle Stick treats and bully sticks. The Barking Buddha line features beef check slices, bully sticks, lamb tripe, goat ears and cow ears.

what is the best treatment for yeast infections for dogs?

My Chow/Lab mix has a yeast infection in his ears and all over his body
WHat is the best home treatment


Vinegar. The nurses told me to use it on my nipples when my baby got thrush and gave it to me.

How much does a average yeast infection treatment cost for a small dog?

Brussel griffon, about 20-30 pounds. full body yeast infection

Any price would vary widely- the severity of the infection, whether its antibiotic resistant, and how much the vet you are going to costs.

It also makes a difference which antibiotic works best and how much THAT costs.

This can vary based on the type of treatment, ie: oral medication v. topical medication or a combination of both. It also depends on the area of the country where you live, as will as the type of veterinarian, ie- general practitioner v. veterinary dermatologist.