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    Neonify Podcast On Air Recording Studio Equipment Sign Gift 12x8 w/ Door Window Wall Hanging Chain - Plug In Night Light Up Box - Illuminated Etched Acrylic Marquee Letter for Home Decoration (Green)

    Price: $34.99

    • Why?? because Light + Color = Instant Attention!!
    • Metal hanging chain included. Size: 12" x 8" (300mm x 200mm), Wire Length: 4 feet / 1.3 meter
    • An excellent attention grabber for your businesses and home decors.
    • Etched using 3D Laser engraving technique which results in a 3D floating object effect
    • Affordable price for a premium quality sign

Sherry Lansing Book Excerpt: Screaming Matches and Tears on 'Fatal Attraction' Set (Exclusive)

"We sat in a prime booth in the corner, with a picture window that featured a full view of the Sunset Strip and its movie billboards," said Lansing. "Ovitz was showing the town that we were worthy of dinner."

He was also showing the producers how ineffective they were. As he gestured toward the Strip, with its cascading billboards for upcoming movies, it was obvious none were theirs. Nor was that likely to change with their current projects.

"Put those things aside," he counseled. "Stop beating your heads against the wall. Let me get you guys back in the mainstream. Eddie Murphy's really hot, and comedies with him are in demand. I can put one of those together for you."

"He was doing what an agent should, because we were as cold as ice," recalled Lansing. "But that wasn't what we expected."

Had she opted to be a producer simply to make the vapid comedies Ovitz was recommending? Had she given up an executive's salary to oversee films she would never pay to watch? Was it not possible to have success and still make the movies she cared for?