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3m Personal Care Division

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    SEPTLS2473181000 - 3M Personal Safety Division E-A-R Push-Ins Foam Earplugs - 318-1000
    Home Improvement (3M)


    Price: $64.25

    • Quantity - 100 pair per box
    • Packing Type - Poly Bag
    • Color - Yellow
    • Body Material - Polyurethane
    • Noise Reduction Rate NRR - 28 dB

    3M Personal Safety Division P3001 Tri-Flange Cloth Corded Earplugs, Hearing Conservation P3001 100 PR/BX
    Health and Beauty (3M Personal Safety Division)

    3M Personal Safety Division

    List Price: $127.92
    Price: $127.92

    • Livewire stem fused with flanges looks cool, inserts easily and fits comfortably
    • Package:100/ PR Per Box
    • Stem provides for quick and clean insertion
    • Flexible flanges conform to the ear canal for custom fit
    • Cloth cord connects earplugs. - Triple-flanged, premolded design

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3M pronounced to phase out using PFCs in its products in 2000, and to stop selling PVC products perfectly (one of the few American companies to do so; the companies that make Gore-Tex and Teflon products still use PVCs). After a while, though, she

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Many consumer-products giants are engaged in a disciplined process of shedding under-performing lines to focus on faster-growing brands. ( See related chart ). Some companies began shrinking to grow during the recession, while others embraced the realignment strategy more recently. For middle-market dealmakers, the corporate pruning process yields plenty of opportunities to buy and sell.

“Typically a non-core brand has been under-resourced prior to the decision by the corporate seller to divest it,” Henk Hartong, CEO of Brynwood Partners , tells Mergers & Acquisitions. Brynwood has completed 40 corporate carve-outs, including many popular personal-care brands, such as Zest, which it purchased from Procter & Gamble in 2011. Brynwood used Zest as a launching pad for a roll-up of a wide array of well-known products under the banner of High Ridge Brands Co . In May, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice agreed to buy High Ridge for $415 million.