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Protesters Demand Release of Auburn Man Detained by ICE

MARYSVILLE -- Protesters were at the Yuba County Jail Sunday, urging the release of Isaias Mosqueda Cisneros, an Auburn man taken into custody by immigration agents Tuesday.

“He’s the antithesis of a criminal," said Ron Paitich, who has employed Mosqueda Cisneros for landscaping work from time-to-time. "He’s a hard-working guy, doesn’t look for handouts. He's caring for the family and doing all that he can to make himself better in this country of fortune."

Family members say the father of three was riding in a car to a job with another man, who was the subject of an immigration warrant. Mosqueda Cisneros was then swept up in police action and detained.

“The application is in process," said Miguel Mosqueda, Mosqueda Cisneros' brother. "I [submitted] the application in 2000. At the beginning, they told me it was supposed to be 13 years.”

Eighteen years later, Mosqueda Cisneros is still waiting to see if he can become a citizen. He didn’t have his paperwork on him when immigration agents arrested the other man he was with.