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Dr Batra's launches gene-based therapy

He added, “Genes of every person are as unique as his finger print or iris. Therefore, unlike the conventional treatments currently in practice, which are one size-fits-all, with Dr Batra’s GenoHomeopathy, no two patients with even the same medical condition will be given same medicines. Research studies have indicated that homeopathic medicines have the ability to correct any underlying illnesses without side-effects. The new therapy goes to the root of the problem; right to the patient’s genes and treats it with precise and unique homeopathic medicines. As the root cause of the medical problem is treated, the patients not only get relief from unpleasant symptoms but a long-lasting cure for their medical condition.”

Treating multiple disorders

GenoHomeopathy tests are designed by a team of medical experts in conjunction with specialists in genomics and specialist consultants in the field of medicine. Dr Batra’s has treated 15 lakh patients at its clinics for conditions such as allergies, child health, hair loss, preventive health (male/female/child), skin disorders, stress, weight management, women’s health and sexual health and the genomic markers will help address these conditions. These are a part of the phase I programme, he informed.