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Live! Hurricane Sandy: Emergency declared in US states

Live! Hurricane Sandy: Emergency declared in US states Monday marks the first unscheduled shop-wide shutdown since September 2001, when markets were closed for four full trading days following the Sept 11 attacks on the On cloud nine Trade Center. The last market-wide "The election will take care of itself

Chittoor's euthanasia seekers

Ramanappa soon quit his job in Bengaluru that fetched Rs.10,000 a month to assist his wife in taking care of Gynana. They carried the infant from one hospital to another, first in nearby Madanapalle, then Tirupati and finally Benguluru. It was at the M.S. Ramaiah Hospital in Bengaluru that her disease was diagnosed as biliary atresia, a rare life-threatening condition in which the bile ducts inside or outside the liver do not have normal openings. The hospital performed the “Kasai procedure” — a way to surgically bypass the ducts and prevent liver damage — but after spending Rs.5 lakh, much of it loan raised against their two-acre land, and five months’ stay in Bengaluru, the parents realised that the medical intervention did not work. She was referred to a Narayana Hrudalaya Hospitals, also in Bengaluru, where the doctors told the couple that liver transplantation was the only way out.

The estimate: Rs.15.60 lakh, plus more on post-operative care and follow-up, a huge amount for a salesman who had run into debts and was struggling to make ends meet. Caught between the impossible task of raising the money and having to see Gynana suffering, the brothers decided to approach a local court seeking mercy killing of the eight-month-old infant. “It was a hard decision but we were left with no option. We just could not see her suffer like that,” says Srinivasulu.