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Mayor's Lawyer Bills Top $225K For Suits Filed by NBPD Officers

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ— New Brunswick's police department continues to fight accusations of corruption and racism from a number of litigants, including some of its own police officers.

Taxpayers have already paid over $341,000 for private attorneys to defend seven-term Mayor James Cahill and two other officials in two explosive cases filed more than five years ago.

And there's no expectation that the legal bills will stop coming in any time soon, as the civil lawsuits—both filed in quick succession during March 2012—move towards trials in Middlesex County Superior Court.

The two lawsuits paint similar pictures with common themes, like the "rewarding of loyalists" and "punishment of dissidents," which the plaintiffs say have become hallmarks of the city's troubled police department.

The complaints argue that NBPD and city leaders play favorites with police promotions and assignments, and abuse their power to punish those who do not go along with their corruption.