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CSO Roadshow 2018: How do we build a secure IoT?

"The opportunities, in a generic sense, are to measure the physical world and use that measurement to analyse and act and to control the physical world with actuators. It's sensors, analysis, intelligence, actuate," he said. 

This will allow us to do health intervention such as quickly acting on an acute episode such as the cardiac condition atrial fibrillation, or conducting ongoing monitoring rather than episodic review so we can better execute preventative medicine. 

There are some challenges though. Bradlow noted that we have to know if a device is reliable. This starts from when a device is first procured and commissioned and throughout its working life. And there's a need to confirm ongoing service assurance. So devices will need to self-monitor or support some other method to ensure operations are normal.

There's also the question of power. Devices will need to work for extended periods while consuming very little energy. In his keynote presentation, Bradlow discussed a contact lens that could monitor blood sugar levels. It was powered by collecting ambient RF radiation.