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Theft of mother's tombstone worsens split as family enters court battle in western Minnesota

She testified that they discovered later by obtaining the medical examiner's report that their mother had died of a rare brain cancer known as central nervous system lymphoma. Andrew Hodny, attorney for the plaintiffs, told the court in his opening statement that Sandra Albrecht had received no medical attention or comfort care for her illness.

Lane Albrecht and Deb Grussing said they believe their mother may have been exhibiting the first stroke-like systems of the disease as early as May 2013. That's when, they alleged in testimony and papers filed in court, their mother was compelled by a "controlling" John Wendell Albrecht to sign the first of handwritten papers stating she wanted no medical care, granting her husband power of attorney, and directing all of her assets to him.

The family members testified it was during their graveside vigil for their mother that they decided to join and pay for the burial costs as well as purchase a monument for the grave. They conveyed that desire to Bain, and he informed their father, according to Bain's testimony.