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Jazzy's Quest Book 3: The BEST Adoption Fiction for Your Tweens and Teens!

And is available for purchase now!

Jazzy is a creative, ten-year-old Star Wars fan who also happens to be a transracial adoptee in an open adoption. The first book in the series was a chapter book designed to introduce Jazzy, her loving family, and her friends to our readers. The second book was twice the length of the first and explored Jazzy’s social relationships at school and the struggle to fit in with peers.

This new third book is a full middle-grade book and it delves into the complex relationship among separated siblings in reunion, as well as the unique challenges that adoptees face as they navigate the world. Jazzy explores her feelings about being a person of color in a white family, and she learns more about foster care.

In JAZZY’S QUEST: CAMP TO BELONG, Jazzy and her birth brother Carlos attend a special weeklong camp specifically created for birth siblings separated by foster care and adoption. Based on a real camp called  Camp To Belong , Jazzy, Carlos and their fellow campers find that spending a week with their siblings can be unexpectedly challenging. Jazzy learns new restorative ways to manage painful peer conflict and deepens her bond with Carlos.

Name for my characters in my story?

Girl #1
-Personality: Confident, brave, but at the same time nurturing and stylish
-Appearance: Silky chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, a bit shorter than other girls
-Additional details: She lives in Malibu, CA with her father who

1. Emma

2. Annie/ Anna

3. Georgie

good luck! hope i helped!

Girl 1 Melody :)

Girl 2: I'd say.. Maybe Jillian

And girl 3: Allison :)

I hope this helped you :) The names that came to my head :)

girl 1 pixie

girl 2 silvia

girl 3 hazel