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We Tried An Anti-Ageing Facial And This Is Our Verdict

. As the product was massaged into my skin, I began to hear a high-pitched sound that would get worse around my jawline. In all honesty, it felt a little nuts.​

Next came some pain - but don't worry, it was only minor. Cherry had asked if I had any problem areas on my face. I had said that my jawline seemed particularly troublesome - I had had a few spots coming up recently and the skin was quite bumpy. Cherry said that this could be down to the fact that that is an often-ignored spot when taking off makeup , and is probably affected by the hot weather, too. Before I knew it I had my eyes being protected from a bright light as Cherry went to work on the affected area, squeezing away at these lumps and eliminating them in the process. Ouch. But despite the pain I could also feel that this facial was already going to be crazy effective.

Environ lactic acid was then applied to my face, along with a gentle steam that was infused with chamomile tea which was strange at first and then deeply relaxing to the point that sleep was imminent. From hot to cold, the steam was switched with an electrical cryonic device was used to "ice up" my skin. Cryonics are usually used as a preservation technique, sometimes on bodies in an attempt to maintain them after death, but in my case it helped with the preservation of my skin, tightening, reducing inflammation and helping to prevent a post-facial breakout.