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The Rise Of Retinol, Skincare's Unsung Hero

. Definitely not the catch you first thought. And therein lies the problem with beauty's biggest powerhouse: retinol is one tricksy character.

Since the 1980s, just about every skincare pro has preached countless sermons on retinol being the biggest boon for beauty. It’s mightily efficacious at waging war on wrinkles and obliterating breakouts. Even 30 years on, “there are no new products that can rival retinol” explains Dr. Ross Perry . There is an encyclopaedic amount of research to justify its utter brilliance but here’s what you really need to know. Its prowess lies in its ability to rev up cell turnover to lightning speed, which is the aim of the game in our quest for glowing skin. Now, you’re probably thinking, 'My AHA exfoliators speed up cell turnover just fine'. But retinol is far superior because it works in a more sophisticated way.

"Your average exfoliating AHA acids work by dissolving the surface layers of the skin, thereby encouraging cell turnover