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Ephraim, Moray, 93, airline mechanic, died Oct. 12. Wake 6-8 p.m. Thursday, Jack's Interment Home, and graveside service noon Friday, Fort Gibson Subject Cemetery, Fort Gibson. Patterson, Jean, 83, retired healthiness-care aide, died Monday. Visitation 2

V&T McKeen Motor Car designated as National Historic Landmark

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Gravesite, New York Burg, N.Y. The Admiral David Glasgow Farragut Gravesite is the only known, NHL-eligible riches directly associated with Farragut, the son of Jorge Antonio Farragut-Mesquida, a Spaniard from the

CSOs shouldn't assume employees care as much about security as they do

“The gap between how decision-makers design policy and how employees enact it underscores the importance of effectively communicating cybersecurity policy to employees,” the report notes.

“Lack of policy recognition and policy are essentially the same in the context of cybersecurity. That is, if a company’s employees don’t realize a policy is present, it is essentially non-existent.

Fixing this issue – which has become even more important in a NDB and GDPR-driven compliance environment hobbled by companies’ chronic inability to identify their data – may require CSOs to more strictly monitor and impose use of mobile device management (MDM) tools capable of forcing updates of security tools, password changes, and other elements of security policy.

“If you’re allowing access to a device that is going to be used at work, whether owned by the employee or the corporation, you also set up an environment where the IT organisation can specify which applications can be installed on that device,” ManageEngine director of product management Rajesh Ganesan recently told CSO Australia.