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What It's Really Like Being the Big, Jiggly Body at a Nude Spa

Public bathhouses, called jimjilbangs, are common in South Korea. Though the nude rooms are segregated by gender, these spas also contain full floors of saunas for everyone to enjoy together. In Korea, it’s common for families and friends to happily hang out naked at the jimjilbang, get scrubbed, and enjoy a variety of pools and steam rooms. This tradition has fortunately come to America, and where I live—in L.A.—there are many to choose from. The spa I selected is located in a blank, beige building off a busy street in Koreatown.

I was surprised that at 1:30 p.m. on a Monday there were so many people putting down $25 for a little naked relaxation time. While I knew about traditional Korean bathhouses and remembered my friend’s tale of the all-size spa she enjoyed on the East Coast, I quickly realized my experience was going to be a little different. I promptly noticed most of the customers were tan, young, and very attractive. Thanks, L.A.! Still, I was excited to overcome