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    OneTouch Verio FLEX Glucose Monitoring System (1)
    Health and Beauty (lifescan)


    List Price: $23.45
    Price: $13.99
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    Truebalance Blood Glucose Monitoring System Complete kit Include 10 Test Strips
    Single Detail Page Misc

    List Price: $15.99
    Price: $9.99
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    • Simple, 2-step testing
    • needs very Small, one microliter blood sample
    • No coding

Fitbit Ionic review: A great fitness tracker, a mediocre smartwatch

What Ionic strives to be is a smarter, fuller-featured version of Blaze. Both watches have an array of fitness sensors to track distance, elevation, and exercise, monitor sleep, guide your breathing, and count calories burned, but Ionic ups its game with even more fitness features. Most notably, Ionic has GPS, and there’s a new SpO2 sensor for estimating blood-oxygen levels, which Fitbit hopes to one day use to detect sleep apnea. And Fitbit has teamed with Dexcom to allow Ionic to monitor glucose levels through the under-the-skin G5 Mobile sensor next year.

Even with all those sensors and functionality, Ionic has more than enough battery to power you through several days of workouts, an impressive feat for a smartwatch with such a slim profile. I was able to push my Ionic well into a forth day with light exercising, and even after my boot camp blitz, three full days wasn’t a problem. It’s a major advantage over the 18-hour battery life claimed by Apple Watch Series 3.

Have any diabetic people tried this meter? I want to know if i can get it for my mom?

Well my mom is diabetic but she still pricks her fingers to test her blood suger levels so i was wondering if i can buy her this , it seems good (from all the reviews). I found out about it from a medical ad on tv but i dont really know if i should buy

my father in law has this and he loves it! say its the best he ever had.

Newly diabetic and need answers...?

Hello everyone! First of all I am 27. I went in to the ER last week Tuesday as I was having VERY heavy menstural bleeding. The Dr. had ran some blood tests on me and everything came back normal except he said my Blood sugar was a bit elevated at 347.

Provera can cause elevated blood sugar levels which is why the drug information sheet recommends routine glucose tests for women who use the hormone. You doctor is probably aware of this.

It does not mean you are not diabetic, it does

Try eating some fruits that have natrul sugar in them likw for example strawberries and oranges they are really helpful

I'm not sure about taking the pills part of Diabetes but I do know that when taking any other meds it can spike the blood sugar kind of high. Especially if it is any kind of steroid, pain medication things like that? Sorry not much help but something