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    Goji Berry (Wolfberry), Jam-Packed with Vitamins A & C, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Immune System & Vision Support, Lycium Barbarum, 580 Mg, 60 Veggie Capsules, Nature's Health
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    • ✅ 100% LEGENDARY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your results or your money back, guaranteed. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What are you waiting for? Try Nature's Health Goji Berry today!
    • ✅ ALL-NATURAL ALTERNATIVE: Nature's Health products are crafted in our Salt Lake City facility and all of our products are proudly Made in the USA by a team of nutrition and botanical experts. Nature's Health Goji Berry is backed by our Pure Promise in which we do not use fillers, artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives offering you nothing but 100% Goji Berry.
    • ✅ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER: Goji Berries supplement a diet that contributes to the maintenance of proper immune function. It also aids the body's natural ability to combat free radicals.
    • ✅ VISION HEALTH: The Vitamin A content found in Goji Berry also helps maintain healthy vision functions.
    • ✅ HIGH IN VITAMIN A: Goji Berries contain Vitamin A which helps to support healthy bone, joint, and cartilage structure and functions.

    Blackmores Marine Q10 Collagen Advance Plus Goji Berry, Lutein 30 capsules from Blackmores Thailand
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Frozen goji berries 4 times more profitable than dried

Frozen goji berries 4 times more profitable than dried Over the last couple of years, consuming dried goji berries has been welcomed into the western diet, as an addition to snacks mixed with cereals, oatmeal, yogurts or in combination with raw nuts. Hailed as a super food with, ‘fountain of youth’ qualities, Western consumers have welcomed the dried berries with open arms, and thanks to advances in freezing, more and more of the berries are being offered frozen.

Due to the goji berry being harvested at high altitudes in the Himalayan mountains, the only available and possible preservation method in those conditions in the past was drying. However, recent advances in freezing technologies have led to a new trend in the goji processing: IQF frozen goji berries.

"The advantage of freezing the goji is that the original taste and shape of the berries are preserved and the final consumers can

Where to buy goji berries in NYC?

Anybody knows where I can get some authentic Tibetan goji berries in NYC? Not interested in online stores, though. Thanks in advance for any info.

Wholefoods has them, but you might also want to try any Chinese herb store in Chinatown.

Try this one:

Kamwo Herb & Tea Company
209 Grand Street
Cross Street: Mott and Elizabeth Street
Phone:: 212-966-6370,

Health food stores sell them, as faras finding your specific brand, good luck..

Whole Foods definitely has them.

goji berries and african greys?

Hi, Can african greys have the "super fruit goji berry" i am aware that it is supposed to be brilliant for us humans but unsure if i can give it to my grey thank you for you replies in advance
i should of added that we purchased the plant

I wrote the following article on this subject last year in answer to many enquiries from other forum members:

"After seeing Goji berries on several parrot food websites, I knew that I needed to address this topic.Goji berries, as

I am very interested to see what the comments will say here. I have found conflicting articles and sites. Some say they're safe and others say they're not. The reason not to feed them is that they do contain iron which can be dangerous for parrots in

You got me... I like this one. s