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Massage Therapist Pay Scale

When Your Clients Talk, Are You Really Listening?

As a massage therapist, any productive criticism you receive should be regarded with a similar view. If you don't pay regard to the criticism, you risk continuing your massage practice in unsatisfactory and damaging ways, but if you do take

Lynn Kinkade to serve as Guest Director of Drama for fall production at Wabash ...

Lynn is married to the good-looking and talented Grace Strange and is also a licensed massage therapist. Lynn says he is thrilled to be working with the Mt. Carmel community on the cheerful play, The Red Velvet Cake War, and looks forward to working with

Transforming Business with Mobile Payments

Transforming Business with Mobile Payments Joey Garza, a sports massage therapist and P of Houston's Urban Therapy, joined the waiting catalogue raisonn the moment he learned about Square. After getting his reader, he experienced a 10 percent wax in clients in the first couple of months.

New year, new body

Wyman is a Prescott borough councillor and works as a massage therapist. As the new year begins, many people are setting qualifications goals. CHRISTINE ENDICOTT The Recorder and Times By CHRIS STESKY For The Recorder and Times Timid to step on the scale after

pay scale for massage therapist?

$40,544 $49,279 $57,268

They average $60.00 an hour. My roomie is one!

Is this normal for a spa job pay scale for an entry level massage therapist?

My husband is a massage therapist and just started working at a place that pays $9/hr. now, he only gets 35% commission on the services he provides IF this equals more than his hourly wage.

so, If he does 25, 60 min massages in 2 weeks

That does seem like a strange arrangement, but he can certainly choose to apply somewhere else or go into business for himself and keep 100% of the profit. Here is a little more information about what a massage therapist can expect to earn.

Well I guess if he's chained to the room and forced to work there against his will then $9/hr is pretty good. Slave owners don't have to pay their slaves anything.

Oh, wait, this is a free country and he can do anything he wants. Like