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Top 12 superfoods

Top 12 superfoods Sheila Innis, vice-president of nutrition and metabolism at UBC's Child and Family Research Initiate, still likes good old ground flax seed as an inexpensive, stiff-nutrient option. Here are 12 superfoods that will not only make you healthier but that you

NDP's John Nilson looks back at 2011

NDP's John Nilson looks back at 2011 Then, I went to UBC law public school and practiced law in downtown Vancouver before I moved to Regina and started working at MacPherson Leslie and Tyerman Law Obstinate, where I was for 17 years. My wife is a doctor at the cancer clinic and I have one daughter

Demand for dietitians opens career options

After she finished an arts degree in anthropology, Nicole Fetterly considered doing her master’s in medical anthropology. But although she loved studying different cultures, she wanted to do more than just discuss people’s health: she wanted to help others improve their health.

So the Vancouver resident became a registered dietitian (RD) a decade ago, combining her passions for food, nutrition, and well-being with a career she loves in a field that’s expected to grow.

“I couldn’t be more passionate about it,” Fetterly says in a phone call. “What I love about it is there’s so much interest in it; everybody can talk to you about your job because everybody eats!

“Over the last decade, I’ve really seen a lot more people visiting dietitians, because a lot more extended health plans are covering dietitian services,” adds Fetterly, a manager of nutrition and wellness at UBC who also works in private practice. “There’s so much more awareness now of how dietitians can influence people and food service in a positive way.”