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Top 12 superfoods

Top 12 superfoods Sheila Innis, vice-president of nutrition and metabolism at UBC's Child and Family Research Initiate, still likes good old ground flax seed as an inexpensive, stiff-nutrient option. Here are 12 superfoods that will not only make you healthier but that you

NDP's John Nilson looks back at 2011

NDP's John Nilson looks back at 2011 Then, I went to UBC law public school and practiced law in downtown Vancouver before I moved to Regina and started working at MacPherson Leslie and Tyerman Law Obstinate, where I was for 17 years. My wife is a doctor at the cancer clinic and I have one daughter

Online map charts North Shore food resources

“When we look at the North Shore through a food system lens, we have no agricultural land reserve here. We have very little actual food production … we are reliant on transported food and we are reliant on commercial food,” Broughton added, noting the importance for residents and service providers to know what local food assets are available to them.

The online map currently lists 362 food assets on the North Shore, stretching from Deep Cove to Lions Bay.

The map was launched last week, following a VCH City of Vancouver food asset map that was unveiled in October last year.

“It’s been very, very well received in Vancouver so I do expect that once we get the word out to people,” it will be used by many residents and service providers, Broughton noted.

She said she hopes the number of listed assets will grow in time as community members use the map and provide suggestions for new resources that could be included.

Iva Jankovic, a UBC land and food systems student, did the bulk of the research for the food asset map.