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    Prima Home Test Multicare-In Meter for Glucose/ Cholestrol/ Triglycerides
    Health and Beauty (HEALTHY EUROPE)


    List Price: $79.99
    Price: $79.99

    • Very clean and hygienic because the blood drops go just on the strip and not on the meter. Strip ejector.
    • One reader for 3 parameters: glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides. Results within 30 seconds.
    • Very small quantity of blood: 1 - 3 l (normal drop had an average volume of 50 l)
    • 500 memory recall with date and time, big and readable fonts.
    • Supplied with 10 test strips, lancing pen with 10 sterile lancets, carry bag and instructions

    Omnis Embrace No Code Talking Meter [EMBRACE NO CODE TLK MTR] (EA-1)
    Health and Beauty (MC)


    List Price: $13.72
    Price: $13.72

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    • Omnis Embrace No Code Talking Meter

Rising cost of insulin leads LI diabetics to take dangerous risks

Some patients across the country have turned to crowdfunding sites online, hoping to engage the public to help through donations. Prices that ran only a few hundred dollars monthly five years ago now cost some patients anywhere from $700 to $1,000 monthly, depending on insurance plans. Other patients are tapping into foreign drug markets, such as Canada, while still others have sought out risky online black market sources, experts say.

People who have chosen to abandon insulin altogether primarily have Type 2 diabetes, the kind that generally emerges during adulthood. Type 2 diabetics produce some insulin to control blood sugar, but it is an insufficient amount, and because the disease is progressive, millions eventually require daily insulin injections.

Price concerns also deeply affect those with Type 1 — the form of the disease that generally, but not exclusively — starts in childhood and is characterized by lifelong insulin dependence. Type 1 diabetics produce no insulin and need the medication daily throughout life.