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Who will stand up to protect families from frackings' ills?

Recently I received another call from a distraught mother trying to find an area in Western Pennsylvania where her family would be protected from the adverse health effects of fracking. The story is the same. The family bought property in an area zoned residential or agricultural, not industrial, yet gas well permits have recently been approved by the state Department of Environmental Protection. So the family will unwillingly move.

Studies indicate serious adverse health effects from exposure to gas operations: lower birth weights and Apgar scores, more difficult pregnancies, premature births, an increase in heart and neural tube defects in babies, asthma, neurological effects and an increased risk of cancer. Accordingly, the House of Delegates of the Pennsylvania Medical Society unanimously voted recently to support a moratorium on fracking.

Who is going to stand up for the families of Pennsylvania? Too many politicians sold out to the powerful gas industry, so only the courts can now prevent further degradation of the environment and increases in adverse health effects.