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Wildfires in Canada bring haziness throughout McHenry County

"Just quickly looking at the upper level flow here, it looks as if there's a similar pattern where, if there was a fire that continued to persist, it could find its way down into our area in northern Illinois and northwest Indiana," Rodriguez said.

John Rehor, 42, of Cary said he recognized the smell of smoke as soon as he stepped outside Thursday morning. More specifically, he said he smelled a forest fire – a scent he remembers from spending time in northern Minnesota during his childhood.

"I kept waiting to hear a fire engine or something, but there was nothing," Rehor said Thursday afternoon. "You can still see the haze if you go outside."

A spokesperson from the National Weather Service said the smoke was coming from forest fires in Canada because of the direction of air flow.

"It’s no different than when there’s volcanic eruptions. You can get debris in the air – it just depends on the air flow, " the spokesperson said Thursday afternoon. "This is not unusual, per se."