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Asthmatic Kitty release Denison Witmer's "For The Ones Who Wait"

Asthmatic Kitty release Denison Witmer's "For The Ones Who Wait" Mentored by Don Peris (Innocence Work) and influenced by Neil Young, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen, Denison forged a compelling ambient race sound. The Ones Who Wait is also Denison's first release for Asthmatic Pool Records, whose employees and

Is Pot Good for Lungs? New Marijuana Study Adds to Health-Effects Debate

Is Pot Good for Lungs? New Marijuana Study Adds to Health-Effects Debate Sounds hopeful. "But the size of this increase is not very big, and it's not necessarily a sign of as a matter of fact improved lung health," cautions University of Alabama Junior high school of Medicine Associate Professor Stefan Kertesz, the study's prospect author.

You Docs: Take asthma meds to prevent severe attacks

It sounds plain, but it's not. Taking asthma drugs correctly doesn't develop often enough. Hard new evidence confirms what docs have known all along: Many frightening or ineluctable attacks result from people not taking their meds, or not taking them Tory,

Windy Saturday may help lift area burn ban

Air trapped in the square could stick around until Saturday or longer, and may reach levels dangerous for people affliction from asthma or other respiratory conditions or heart problems, said Kimberley Cline, the intervention's spokeswoman.

Black Lung Disease Can't Keep Frank Newsome From Singing ...


This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. Our next guest, Frank Newsome, sings in a style that's one of America's oldest musical traditions - lined-out hymn singing. The hymns are sung a cappella with a leader singing out the first line of the song, which is then sung back by the congregation. Lined-out singing has its roots in 17th century England and is still sung in Appalachia and churches of the denomination Old Regular Baptist. Frank Newsome is a minister of one of those churches in Haysi, Va. It's called the Little David Church. If you're familiar with Ralph Stanley's version of the song "O Death" from the soundtrack of "O Brother, Where Art Thou," you'll hear some similarities in Newsome's singing. In fact, they were friends and neighbors, and Newsome sang at Ralph Stanley's funeral.

Newsome was awarded an NEA National Heritage Fellowship for his singing in 2011. Frank Newsome has a CD called "Gone Away With A Friend." The songs were recorded at his church in 2006, and the CD is now widely released. It's pretty amazing how powerful his voice is considering he was diagnosed with black lung disease in 1972 after working in Virginia's coal mines for 17 years. He was born in 1942 in Pike County, Ky., one of 22 children. He spoke with FRESH AIR producer Sam Briger. They started with the hymn "Beulah Land" from Newsome's CD.

absent lung sounds in an asthma patient in respiratory distress means?

Abnormal breath sounds can be classified as either diminished, absent or adventitious. Absent breath sounds indicate no air movement within the area being examined or a blocking of the sound transmission due to abnormalities within the pleural space.

It means they are very constricted, so much so that they can't even wheeze, and need some treatment right away!

This could be very serious. The lung may have collapsed and/or there is now oxygen getting in and out of that lung. See a physician immediately. Good luck.

Is it possible to pass a lung capacity test but still have asthma?

I had a lung capacity test done at work last week. I am a member of the fire brigade and we have annual testing done. The Dr. told me that I passed it and had actually done quite well.The same results as last year. My problem occurs when I run. I have

This sounds like exercise-induced asthma. Two puffs of a rescue inhaler before exercising would probably take care of it. However, be careful getting a full diagnosis of asthma. At least here in the US, NFPA number something-or-other says you cannot use

I can tell you that the lung test can be bluffed. You can get a good score and still have asthma.
From the sound of it, if it is asthma, it's not that severe. Running will cause it in most people. It happens to me sometimes on shorter runs (2miles

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