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Dietitians offer healthy tips for the holidays

By Jeannie Hayes - bio | email Precisely now you can either take the high road or give in to all the sweets at holiday parties. SwedishAmerican Health centre has some tips so you don't totally fall off the wagon. It says eat before a fete, add fruits and

Fighting Childhood Obesity Can Be A Team Effort For Families

Pleasure News from AP By Rachel Gardner, Producer - email By Joan Break of dawn - bio | email With the new year, many make those typical resolutions to eat healthier, but what about making it a next of kin effort? 2012 is an opportunity for families to take a

Slimming down in 2012

By Elizabeth Fay - bio | email After indulging in one too many Christmas cookies, many of us lay out to lose weight in 2012. We know what we should do: eat less, eat healthier, and exercise. That's easier said than done. Clinical Dietitian Shirley Poole

New Education about Vegan and Plant-Based Diets on Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of ...

Hever is a dietician and father of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition. The question may be heard on-demand on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Verdant Talk Network and Apple iTunes and Twitter. Sharon Kleyne notorious that a properly

Sarah Reinhardt

Sarah Reinhardt is the food systems and health analyst for the Food & Environment program at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In her role, she applies her academic expertise in nutrition and her practical experience in equitable and sustainable food systems to support increased consumer access to healthy foods, and the development of a comprehensive national food policy.

Prior to joining UCS, Ms. Reinhardt served the United Way for Southeastern Michigan as a registered dietitian. She provided technical assistance and targeted support to federal Child Nutrition Plan sponsors and vendors in partnership with the Michigan Department of Education, including drafting novel menu development tools and food quality specification guidelines. She also helped advocate for more nutrient-dense and environmentally sustainable menu options for schoolchildren. Previously, Ms. Reinhardt provided nutrition counseling and seminars through the YMCA of Metro Detroit and, as a Dow Fellow at the Graham Sustainability Institute, assessed the landscape of southeastern Michigan growers and food producers to inform the strategy and objectives of an area food hub.

Dietitian as a career? PLEASE HELP?

Im about to go off to college and im considering a career as a dietitian. Unfortunately I keep reading you have to take really hard science classes like Bio organ chemistry, human anatomy, physiology etc. and I dont know if id be able to handle all those ing

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I want to become a dietician, but the school does not have a major in dietetics?

I go to Marquette University and I'm currently undeclared but I'm think I've decided on going into nutrition and becoming a dietitian. However, Marquette does not offer a major in dietetics. If I majored in bio medical science, would I still be able to

Just like any other health-related fields, when you are applying to a professional or graduate school, or in this case a dietetic internship (DI), you really just need to fulfill the prereq's for the schools you are applying to for their program, and