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    iHealth Wireless Smart Glucometer for Apple and Android, Bluetooth Blood Glucose Meter And Monitoring System for Diabetes and Fitness, Comes With Lancing Device and 10 Lancets
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    List Price: $29.99
    Price: $25.00
    You Save: $4.99 (17%)

    • Off/Online: The glucometer uses Bluetooth to sync your readings to our secure app. If not connected, you can read your blood sugar levels on the illuminated LED display. Test strips are not included.
    • FDA Approved, CE approved, and clinically validated with documentation, so you can rest assured the results are accurate and safe for you and your loved ones
    • Bluetooth 3.0
    • Health App: All readings are stored in our secure and HIPAA compliant cloud and can be viewed online or on our free mobile app. Export results and send to your healthcare provider or family member..Rechargeable Battery: The iHealth Wireless Glucometer comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can charge on the go and not worry about the extra cost of batteries
    • Carry it with you: Our Glucometer is a pocket-sized blood glucose meter that fits in your purse, bag, or backpack. It comes with a compact traveling bag that can fit all of your testing necessities.

    iHealth Align Portable Glucometer for Apple and Android
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    List Price: $16.95
    Price: $21.82

    • Control solution and test strips sold separately
    • Fully integrated with the entire family of iHealth products help you better understand and support your healthy lifestyle
    • Compatible with Android 5.0 and higher, supports iOS 7 and higher. Does NOT support iPhone 8/8+/X.
    • Small, smart, and portable - fits directly into your headphone jack. Minimal 0.7 micro liter blood sample size. Measuring method: Amperometric technology using glucose oxidase
    • Plug-in the iHealth Align to the smartphone's headphone jack. Use the free iHealth Gluco-Smart app to track and share all your blood sugar readings with your doctor.Clinically validated, FDA approved.

Livongo acquires Diabeto to expand options for members

Mountain View, California-based Livongo Health , the chronic condition management technology company founded by former Allscripts CEO Glen Tullman, has acquired Diabeto , a diabetes management company based in Piscataway, New Jersey in the US and Maharashtra in India. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Though it was founded in 2012, Diabeto really hit the scene in 2015 with an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that ultimately raised $18,945. Prior to that the company had raised $40,000 in seed funding from Startup Chile, according to Crunchbase .

Diabeto makes a small device, shaped like a bird, that connects to more than 40 popular glucose meters and essentially turns them into Bluetooth-connected meters. The company also has another device for meters with infrared capabilities and a tracking and management app of its own on both Android and iOS.

"The Livongo vision is to empower all people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives," Livongo Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jennifer Schneider told MobiHealthNews. "This acquisition, certainly in the diabetes space, gives us the opportunity to service more members, more people with chronic conditions — that sliver of people who wanted to continue using their own meter. That puts us further into our vision of where we’re going."