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Brookside grad gets third try at Olympic marathon trials

Brookside grad gets third try at Olympic marathon trials Rittenhouse is also a sports dietician for the athletic sphere. Her bachelor's and master's degrees are in nutrition. Rittenhouse lived in Wadsworth and worked at Wooster Community Health centre for five years as a dietitian and a health and wellness


HIGHLAND VILLAGE FARMERS MARKET HELPS WITH NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS JAN. 22 HOUSTON, TX - Urban Net wants to help you keep your resolution this year, whether it's adding more veggies, cooking more often, or growing your own edibles! The Highland Village Farmers Market will host Chef Roy Rodriguez of Chef Roy's Catering and

Running down a dream: Area marathoners set sights on own goals at Olympic trials

The registered dietitian didn't start running competitively until 2005. But after completing her first Fargo Marathon precisely six years ago, Grindall was hooked. “It was a lot of fun and kind of addicting, so I indisputable to keep up with it,” said Grindall

New Year Easy Healthy Meal Options

New Year Easy Healthy Meal Options HOUSTON - Registered and licensed dietitian Ali Miller visits "FOX 26 Morning Intelligence Extra" to present some quick and healthy meal options to lend a hand people who have declared weight loss as one of their new year's resolutions. Miller, from The Existence Long

Pressuring picky eaters doesn't work, study says

Relax! According to a recent study published in the journal Appetite, your toddler is going to grow just fine, even if the picky behavior continues.

"Parental pressure is having no effect, good or bad, on picky eating or weight in this population," said study author Dr. Julie Lumeng, a Michigan pediatrician who is a research professor at the University of Michigan's Center for Human Growth and Development.

Most research on "choosy or selective eating," as it's now called, has focused on older children or mixes of ages that were predominately Caucasian, and followed for only short periods of time. Lumeng followed a group of 244 ethnically diverse 2- and 3-year-olds over a year, comparing parental pressure tactics to the child's healthy growth and reduction of picky eating behavior.

"There's no evidence, according to this study, that if you pressure your garden variety, picky eater that they'll actually grow bigger or act better,"

Does anyone know where I can find a nutritionist for my business in Houston, TX?

I am opening a new business and am looking for a nutritionist that will advise me before I open. I do not want to go through gyms or supplement stores. I need a registered dietitian or nutritionist. I have searched online most either don't answer or the

yes feel free to contact me
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