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Curing the disease

There are five approved drugs that for the moment slow the progression of Alzheimer's but no treatment is available to stop off the progression of Alzheimer's. The national plan is supposed to try to solve both the medical and social aspects of dementia.

USF researcher disputes Alzheimer's as a disease

1 imperil factor for developing Alzheimer's. But Alzheimer's is a cancer, he said, and all forms of disease are curable. "I think a disease should be defined by any physiological modify that is detrimental to health or happiness," he said.

Difficult topics to discuss with elderly

At this outstanding moment in medical history, Alzheimer's is neither reversible nor curable. But in many cases, the continue of the disease can be slowed down. It appears to be one of those diseases that has a downhill acceleration as hour passes.

New Alzheimer's Test

New Alzheimer's Test Even though Alzheimer's isn't curable, ahead of time detection is hugely beneficial. "There are medications that do help you tip better, and slow the disease ever so slightly," says Ashford. "They'll give you more however to get your affairs in order,

Dear Annie: Regret moving into housing dictatorship?

Dear Annie: I just moved into a new apartment complex and went to my first open board meeting. I am wondering whether I moved into a dictatorship. The board has only two of these meetings per year, and we were told we could speak for only three minutes. One resident asked why the manager hadn’t fulfilled his obligation as stated in the guidelines that are given to you when you move in. Immediately, the president got red in the face and said, “We will not hear of any talk like that.” Here I thought an open meeting meant you could ask questions, but evidently that’s not the case here. I believe my stay will be short-lived. Annie, how would you have handled that situation? — Bewildered

Dear Bewildered: Don’t start packing just yet. Fortunately, your apartment complex doesn’t exist as its own separate state, and the building president doesn’t get to impose whatever laws he or she wants. You have rights as a tenant. Housing laws vary by state. The web is a great starting point for finding information and resources. Knowledge is power.

Is dementia curable...?

is it curable?

Some medications might ease it but not totally curable

Dementia is not curable. Unfortunatly the medications dont help either they just make the patients 'zombi-fied.' What is more disheartning is the NHS dont view dementia as a priority. Fortunatly a number of public figure heads are making a stand and the

How to persuade a dementia sufferer?

A relative of mine (mid-60s) seems to be suffering from dementia. It's got well past bad memory: he got lost in my house recently, and it's a 3-bed semi!

But I can't persuade him to see a doctor. He just gets cross.


the thing is with dementia patients is not to arguee with them see a practice nurse and explain your concernes they will pay him a descrete house visit so he dont know youve seen them as they can asess the situation

if it was me id phone his doctor and explain to him, mabrey he could advise you, also if it is really bad and you feel he doesnt understand why he needs to see a doctor, you could look into apllying for incapacity,(where his decisions are made for him