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    SPECIAL BUNDLE - True Metrix test strips 100ct + FREE glucose meter
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    List Price: $18.00
    Price: $8.08
    You Save: $9.92 (55%)

    • Analyzes environmental and physiological factors
    • Corrects hematocrit/temperature
    • TrueMetrix Detects sample environment, sample size, control solution.
    • Tiny, 0.5 microliter blood sample
    • True Metrix Strips works only with the True Metrix Meter

    Accu-Check Aviva Glucose Meter With 10 Strips Free
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    Roche Diabities Care GmbH

    Price: $60.00

Sanofi to introduce iBGStar blood glucose meter in UK

Sanofi's iBGStar will be fully compatible with BGStar blood glucose examine strips and lancets, which are currently available via NHS prescription. This follows on from the introduction of iBGStar in Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands in the latter

iHealth Lab plans to offer iPad glucose meter

iHealth Lab plans to offer iPad glucose meter It is unclear whether iHealth is planning to fetch its own test strips or partner up for those, but the press release describes them as “energy standard test strips”. The device works with a free companion app, also developed by iHealth Lab,

Glucose meters go high tech at this year's CES

Glucose meters go high tech at this year's CES The hallmark, like the Telcare, is a blood glucose meter that connects to an iPhone or iPod Dash, allowing users to view and analyze their blood glucose levels in sincere time. By utilizing its free accompanying app, users can share their information with

Diabetic Tester That Talks to iPhones and Doctors

Diabetic Tester That Talks to iPhones and Doctors Separate from most other glucose meters, it has a large color screen that allows it to display illuminating graphics and messages. One drawback is the price. While many diabetes meters fetch well under $50, or are free (the money is in the test strips),

Roche: Diabetes patients could save thousands with new blood ...

Pharmaceuticals maker Roche overhauled its blood glucose monitoring system and introduced a new discounting offer that it says could save uninsured diabetics by thousands of dollars per year.

The move could help alleviate political pressure as the drug industry faces mounting scrutiny over prices. It also comes amid increasing competition among blood glucose monitoring makers as diabetes rates rise.

The new system pairs a free blood glucose meter with a smartphone app and discounted test strips. With some diabetics paying as much as $2 a strip for other offerings, the new Roche system paired with a free savings card could cut costs to as little as 40 cents per strip in the first 50-count box, then 20 cents per strip in subsequent boxes.

The nation's 29-million diabetics pay widely varying prices for testing products, in part because many of them are covered by insurance. Roches' move is likely to provide the biggest help to the uninsured. The average American diabetic paid $1,922 in out-of-pocket expenses for care in 2013, compared to $738 for someone without the condition,  according to the Health Care Cost Institute .

Where can I get free test strips and Lancets for my Glucose Meter?

They give away the meters but not the testing supplies. That is where the companies make their money! Your doctor may have access to some free supplies. Your church or one in your neighborhood may have a free clinic where you can get supplies.

If you cannot afford to get Test Strips at your local pharmacy, try your local Catholic Charities. Also ask your Druggist. Also Other local Charities, and nearest hospital.. There is a source to pay, if you cannot afford to buy your own.

Free glucometers are easy to find because it's the lancets and strips where the drug companies really make money. I had some issues with a high co-pay and called the phone number on the strips box and got a bit of a break.

Does anybody know how to get a free or cheap glucose test kit with the meter and strips and pen included?

I need it for a home test for a PH diet. So far when I look online all I see is for diabetics and medicare.

the TRUE TRACK brand is fairly cheap. You have to code it, but the test strips run about 20.00 for every fifty. That is the cheapest my mom has come across.

The 'pH diet' (the mistaken belief that somehow your body's pH being 'out of balance' is why you feel ill etc) is one of the latest crazy myths going around the internet.

Given the massive logarithmic scale over which pH operates and your